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Common Problems When Designing T-Shirts

You can design a T-shirt in many creative ways to set it apart from the rest. Fabric markers, patches, and vinyl transfers can all add touches that reflect your unique personality—but each method of design comes with its own positives and negatives. Below are a few common problems when designing T-shirts; when you know what pitfalls to look for, fixing them is easy!

Cluttered Typography

Words and phrases should be easy to read. Choose fonts that match your theme while avoiding too many flourishes. Test out a variety of phrases in that font to make sure no letters run together, especially if the font is in cursive.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Two or three complementary fonts, when used in clever conjunction with the words you’re printing, add visual interest.

Peeling Vinyl

Iron-on vinyl transfers are a great way to get crisp, detailed graphics on your shirt. Heat-transfer vinyl, though, requires a little extra time and precision to make sure it sticks to the fabric. There are a few reasons why it may be peeling; check the temperature on your iron and give yourself adequate time to press that transfer into your shirt.

Awkward Placement

What’s more annoying than creating a custom T-shirt with your very own logo, only to hold it up and see that it’s way off-center? Take extra time to measure your shirt before sticking anything permanent to it.

Place logos and graphics on the chest of the shirt, not the belly. You may be tempted to put your graphic at the very center of the shirt, but look twice. Nudge it further up toward the neckline to avoid lopsided placement.

Uncomfortable Fabric

You may be tempted to keep costs down by buying the cheapest blank tee on the market, but think about how long you’ll wear your custom T-shirt. Stiff, scratchy shirts can only soften so much in the wash, and they may not be ideal for holding a vinyl transfer or fabric paint design for multiple years. Shelling out a little more for a softer fabric will pay off in the long run.

Designing your own T-shirt is a fun and creative way to showcase your personality. Remember these common problems when designing t-shirts so you can avoid them and have a high-quality keepsake that lasts for years.

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