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What colors you should wear? Find out your skin undertone to look prettier than ever!

Have you ever realized that you look prettier when you wear some particular colors? For example, when you wear that blue sweatshirt, you always get more compliments that day than when you wear something else.

For a long period of time, I have thought that cold colors suit me better, but once I have tried to dress according to my skin’s undertone, I must admit that I somehow always look fresh and healthy.

There are three skin undertones and here I will explain to you how to find out which one you have, and then, you will finally learn how to dress according to it. Have I mentioned already that you will look prettier than ever if you follow my advice? Let’s start!

sfdCool undertone. Take a look at the color of your veins. The best would be to check your inner side of the arm. Do those look blue or green? If your veins look bluer, that means you have a cool skin undertone. Another test is to use two different colored papers. Take orange one and blue one, and put those near your face. Which one makes your face prettier? If the blue color does that better, that’s a sign that you have a cool skin undertone as well. Also, jewelry can help you a lot to discover what colors suit you. If silver accessories suit you better, that shows you how your skin’s tone is cool. For warm-colored tones, gold is always a better option.

Okay, now when I have explained to you how those tests look like, let’s start with choosing colors for everyone who has cool skin undertone (a cold one).

Colors you should wear are pinks (cold pink colors), blue shades, silver and grey, black and white, and military/olive undertones.

Warm undertone. If your veins are more green, if the orange paper makes your face pop more, and if gold jewelry flatters you, that means how you should wear warm colors. The best choices here are reds, oranges, warm greens, all browns, and some warm blues. Once I have discovered that warm colors suit me better, I have started wearing different shades of oranges and reds, and believe me, I really look better that way.

adfwfeNeutral undertone. It may also happen that you cannot realize which skin undertone you have. If your veins don’t look green or blue, but like a combination of those two colors, that means how you have neutral skin undertone. Wearing different jewelry is also suitable for people with neutral undertones. They always look good with whatever color they chose. Yet, you must be sure that you don’t wear such colors which are suited for people with warm and cool undertones only, which means that red and orange shades are sometimes a big no-no for you. Also, some shades of greys may also make you look sick and tired.

People who have warm skin undertone always have brownish or green eyes, combined with brown or gold blonde hair. For those who have cold skin undertone, blue, black and grey eyes are most of the time common. When it comes to hair color, people with cool skin undertones have light blonde hair or pure black. There are also some cold brown shades of hair colors within these people as well.

Have you heard about different skin undertones before?

Which undertone you have?

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