Brand Ambassador —This will enhance your personal brand as well as create opportunities. Our Brand Ambassador must be an informed and educated advocate for our brand and to use your influence to grow awareness and create a buzz. What’s better than growing your social media audience, supporting brands you love and inspiring numerous people across the globe?

As a Brand Ambassador, you’re one of the online voices representing Beautiful People Magazine & Beautiful People – Online Dating. That’s exactly why it’s a good idea to start publishing our best content now. Your voice needs to be heard! Your opinion can change so many lives! Also, you are able to publish material that has a common theme relating to your interests and business. We give you the power to choose what you want to post. Get creative with the #hashtags and cross-promote them.

How to become a Brand Ambassador for Beautiful People?

Beautiful People is one of the most influential brands- in the world! To begin your application, all you need to do is to connect your social accounts, including your blog, your Instagram account and YouTube channel. As you can see, it is that easy. Connect with us and become our new Brand Ambassador!


Why Should I Join?

  •  If seeing yourself on a glamorous magazine cover is your life goal; then you are at the perfect place to achieve that! You already know how being on a magazine cover can make a huge impact in your industry! Don’t miss the chance to grow your business and personal brand!
  • Once you join us, you are automatically qualified to become the Woman of the Month! Yes, you have it all!
  • Want to see your face on an APP cover? You are a perfect candidate to be on the cover of Beautiful People – Dating App for a whole month! Besides that, you can be on the cover of our website too! The opportunities are endless!
  • We want to grow together. As we grow, so will your followers!
  • Worried about self-promotion? Stop worrying! We are here to help you promote yourself and your ideas the best way possible!
  • Finally decided to try to be on our list? Great! Just create your account and click to join!



You will need to represent Beautiful People Magazine & Beautiful People – Online Dating. You are required to provide information about the Magazine & Dating, upcoming events, promotions, mobile app and website. Brand Ambassadors will maximize Beautiful People Brands exposure and drive new traffic to the website, which will both make you and us famous!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador

  • Promotes Beautiful People brand, products and services. Represents the company in a positive light thus creating more awareness.
  • Provides basic information about the brand.
  • Assists managers with the implementation of marketing.
  • Shares ideas regarding new ways to market the brand.
  • Must have excellent leadership skills and possess good organizational skills.
  • Must be detail oriented.
  • Must be willing to appear in magazines, newspapers, television programs and on YouTube to promote the brand.

We are looking for exceptional and outgoing individuals to add to our growing team of future celebrities. As Brand Ambassadors, we need you to represent Beautiful People the best way possible. Can you do that? Of course you can! We look forward to having you join our Beautiful Team.



Our mission is to promote the issues which matter the most to the whole planet. Those are, of course, world hunger, different dangers that are happening all around the globe, illnesses, lies etc. With a purpose to change all that and to create a better planet, we don’t just inform people about the catastrophes which are happening worldwide, but we also want to inspire everyone to become a better person, and in that case, to make our whole planet better home. That is exactly why we promote people who haven’t lost sparks in their hearts and those who are changing the planet for the better with a purpose to guide everyone else who is lost and confused.

We also feature different interviews with some special individuals that are making a difference to the world at large. If you want to learn about their human achievements, life struggles, their purposes and passions, know that you are at the perfect platform!

We are a one-stop publication with the latest in entertainment, fashion trends, beauty, lifestyle, health, food and technology. Yes, this is who we are, Beautiful People! And remember, so are you!



As a provider of vast content to a variety of audiences, Beautiful People Magazine leverages highly respected industry Subject Matter Experts to provide valuable content and guidance to our readers and advertisers.

The objective of this program is to leverage the credibility and expertise of the issue area subject matter experts to enhance the credibility of inspiring the world to become better in many different ways! We want like-minded people to meet and network with each other.

Beautiful People covers the following categories: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty, Health, Food, Inspiration & technology just to mention a few. The Ambassador Program is fully leveraged and recognized for its contribution to the Beautiful People Group.

We welcome you to our world of Beautiful People!




In order to qualify to join Beautiful People, the following criteria must be met.
  • Your account must be a public profile (Not private).
  • Your Bio must be complete with details about you and your interest.
  • Your following must be legit with no purchased followers .