To see a man as brilliant as Elon so horrifically frightened to his very core of artificial intelligence should utterly shake most of us inside with genuine fear. Elon knows the dangers of digital superintelligence. August 10, 2020 READ MORE See All Whatever this government is hiding is not good. They are trying everything in their power to normalize everything that happens, so people accept it with no big deal. Yet, there’s ALWAYS an agenda behind their actions. August 10, 2020 READ MORE See All This article is focusses on powerful women who are making a difference in the world. Learn more about these powerful WOMEN around the world from the inside-out. August 10, 2020 READ MORE See All Different couples have different reasons to jump into an open relationship. For some, it is taken into consideration with the hope that it will revive the fire. While for others, it is a matter of practicality. August 10, 2020 READ MORE See All

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“Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent every year to control the public mind.” ~NOAM CHOMSKY.

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