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Guide to Different Jeans Styles

Jeans are universally appreciated for their classic material, look, and texture and their natural hardiness. Because of that, it’s no surprise that jeans have developed into fashion icons, throwbacks to an earlier age, and callouts to the rough spirit of human nature. It’s no wonder denim really has never gone out of fashion since its inception.

Out of this long lineage of pants, a lot of different styles of jeans were derived to reflect the time in which they were conceived. Almost all of the different styles differ in some way, whether it be color, texture, or weight. Here’s our definitive guide to different jeans styles.


Straight jeans have a classic look most definable by the consistent width down the leg. In most circles, this type of fashion is commonly associated with a more elegant type of apparel, where you’re looking to project an air of business confidence. In most situations, a blouse paired with this style of jeans in a light wash sends that message.

Slim or Skinny

Slim and skinny jeans are extremely similar in that they’re both designed to show off the curves in your legs. These sorts of jeans accomplish this by hugging the leg tightly. In today’s fashion, skinny jeans go with everything! Tops of any kind complement this style of jeans.

Loose, Boyfriend, or Wide

These types of jeans have the defining characteristic of being wider at the hips and straight all the way down the leg. These will work with whatever casual style you’re trying to project. People most often treat these styles as casual pants, but don’t let that stop you from bringing out your loosest pair of pants for a night out!

Flared or Boot-Cut

Both of these types of jeans flare out at the bottom near the boot. However, flared jeans are meant to make more of a fashion statement, as the flare doesn’t actually have much utility for boots. On the other hand, boot-cut jeans flare out slightly at the ankle, allowing for a higher-rising boot to fit snugly under the jeans. The best time to bring these out is if you have some new shoes you want to show off!


Distressed is a style that seeks to impress through the various color and tear patterns present in this pant. Jeans could take the shape of any of the other styles we mentioned and still be distressed. However, most of the time, you’ll see this style coinciding with a loose or skinny jean.

We hope this guide to different jeans styles has given you a lot of ideas on where you can go with your next outfit. Always remember that confidence has just as much to do with your style as the clothes do!

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