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How To Become a More Cultured Person

How To Become a More Cultured Person

In our modern society, we live in a world of over seven billion people. A world stockpiled with a plethora of unique perspectives, rich cultures, and deep histories. While it’s valid that we are all human beings—and feel the same emotions and share similar thoughts—we are different in our individuality. We are divergent from continent to continent and from culture to culture.

How do humans become more comfortable and respectful among one another, despite our differences? How does humanity become better refined, educated, and cultured? Planning to enrich yourself and become more well-versed and well-rounded as a human being is a worthy endeavor in the 21st century. Culture is everywhere, in everything, and in everybody. For greater curiosity, open-mindedness, and appreciation of this beautiful life, we share how to become a more cultured person.

Learn Another Language

Language is the beating heart of culture. If you’re rusty on your Spanish or French skills from past educational studies or have never endeavored on a second language venture, why not start now? Fluency isn’t the goal; rather, subtle but steady understanding of nuances and mannerisms. You may find that language sounds just like a shared, collective feeling.

Watch Films or Read Features

Speaking of language and communication, why not watch more substantial content? Search for content within your own culture that is educationally tasteful; content that offers a distinctive voice and tone and speaks genuinely to the Western canon. Alternatively, discover how other cultures express themselves through their movies, television shows, music, and literature. A fresh perspective doesn’t simply appear out of nowhere. Seeking out opportunities to bridge the gap is how to become a more cultured person.

Try Out Ethnic and Cultural Cuisines

Even if you can’t travel abroad now or you don’t reside in a cosmopolitan city, there’s bound to be diverse cuisine around that you can try. Are there ethnic restaurants nearby in the community? International grocery stores to introduce new food to your kitchen? Friends that cook homemade ethnic meals? Sample foods different from what you know to learn more about that cuisine and its cultural origins. Discover all you can without leaving your neck of the woods.

Learn To Appreciate Art and Design

The Arts are a core component of contemporary culture; undeniably, something special exists in every art form. Take the time to visit a local art or history museum. Learn to view art through crafted lenses of line, composition, and light. Attend a live performance when possible—this classic art form traces back to the Ancient Greeks. Living art is a sensation to behold again and again.

Also, consider how to bring culture into your home through design. A wide array of global-inspired décor trends can provide your humble abode with one-of-a-kind comfort and contrast. Push yourself as a cultured consumer to think outside the box, make ethical choices, and encounter treasures beyond borders. Your home should be a vibrant living story of sapience and homage.

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