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Climate change causing mental problems within children and younger population

Suicide statistics are just raising, and especially within young people. Although everyone is talking about the low socioeconomic connection with suicide, things are not that simple. Psychologists often blame modern society and social media platforms for depression and anxiety as well, and although that's the truth and it affects young people more than we think, there…

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Are they here? Can you realize that even the wind has changed? It seems like how now everyone can see that big things are going on... Whatever this government is hiding is not good. They are trying everything in their power to normalize everything that happens, so people accept it with no big deal. Yet, there’s…

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Could We Live Forever

Let's talk about... You guess what? TransHumanism! What that actually mean in the first place? Literally - beyond human! Most people would say transhumanism is the next step of evolution. Technology changes everything. The technology is already here and it's already being developed around the world, so now we are heading to a very strange…

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