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Believe It Or Not, You Are Going To Be Connected To The Web

Yes, I have been telling you this for a very long period of time. What happens next is literally the MARK OF THE BEAST, and it’s already in the beta stage. The Bible predicted this a long time ago, I am sure that you know that by now. Anyone that does not receive the mark of the beast they have imagined will not be able to buy, sell, trade, or travel in the future.

It may sound and look silly. For example, I need a passport to enter Walmart, but don’t need an ID to vote. Yet, the situation is very serious. Have faith…

We are being lied to about these passports for the benefit of our “safety”. In reality, this is about CONTROL and POWER for the “elites.” Without it, you cannot BUY OR SELL, which is probably the main thing today for most people in this materialistic world.

But the worst thing about their ”passport” is that it’s GOING ON YOUR BODY! That’s exactly what happens next… 

We already have IDs, that’s not a secret: Driver’s licence, national passports, car registration, big-tech profiles, bank cards/ credit cards, student IDs, birth certificates, social security numbers, and more. We aren’t free now.

Have you heard the word temporary too many times lately? When they say “temporary”, they actually mean forever. Don’t be tricked.

The plot for the movie V for Vendetta was that a Government created and released a virus to gain wealth and power. Raising a child, trying to prepare him for a life in this world is gut-wrenching. Vaccination passports are creating public and political disputes across the world, that’s obvious. Is this debate a matter of civil liberties, and can the state compel you to take a vaccine with the reward of everyday freedoms?

The scary thing isn’t the fact these things are being discussed, it’s the fact so many citizens are perfectly happy to go along with it! After this, they can make us take anything they want inside our bodies. “If you want to enjoy an ordinary life, you are gonna require ID, and how that IS ultimately ends up being used is out of your hands”.

In the UK, they are already saying it will take too long to check the digital passports at big events like football matches, so they need to link it to facial recognition technology. Day by day, new thing by new thing, and then – small changes create the biggest change the society will ever face!

If you have no address/ID in the UK = you don’t exist. There are 0 support systems in place for people that are completely independent. Very soon, if you don’t have a Covid passport, you won’t be able to live an ordinary life in this so-called society.

Control here, control there – people still staying silent about it.

Everything in our system leads to control. We shouldn’t have to have fixed addresses in order to exist & be a contributing member of society, especially within an overpopulated society on a small island.

They are pushing the limits constantly. I am sick and tired of the news about jabs. They are constantly trying to confuse people. If there is no evidence that the jab doesn’t prevent transmission, what is the point/purpose of a passport (apart from ‘control’ that is)?

Our freedom is being stripped away from us day by day. Divide the world into two types of people: bio-optimists and bio-pessimists. What a great way to get rid of the old quicker when they aren’t useful anymore…  

“The closer the collapse of an Empire, the crazier its laws.” ~ Cicero

”It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” – Voltaire

Can you feel the constant pressure society is putting on us?

Do you believe that the worst is yet to come?

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