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Can a DNA test create a diet plan for you?

If you’re searching for the best diet that will make you healthy, happy, and strong, you’re in a good place. This article will try to answer the question related to DNA and your diet.

So, can a DNA test create a diet plan for you?

The short answer is yes. Based on your DNA, your body is better suited for some foods than others, which can go deep into the past where your genetics are. You might be surprised to hear that about 9% of people need a low-carb diet and 48% of people actually need a high-carb diet. Recently, too many commercials, channels, fitness influencers, coaches, and all others have been trying to sell us the keto diet, but it turned out it’s not the best option for many people.

DNA tests can also tell you things like food sensitivities, what your eating behaviors are likely to be, and how likely you are to be stressed.

What’s the secret behind it? Think of it this way – your body is a mix of genes that came from your mother and father. Of course, your parents are also a mix of their parents. But we don’t only have genes from our parents, but also from our grandparents and relatives.

Your body is made to eat a certain type of food, which is related to DNA, but also to your place of living. Let me explain this with one example – let’s say that you were born in Europe, or in the US. What have your ancestors eaten? If you start eating some food you’ve never heard of, but for example, it’s eaten in India, you may end up with many digestive troubles, allergies, or food intolerance.

It’s no secret that we should all eat food that we can find locally. Our ancestors have eaten that too, therefore – their bodies have adapted to digesting such food and using the best of it. Your DNA is the same. Be sure that you eat local food, but also think about the time of the year. No, it’s not good to eat watermelon in winter. Follow nature’s cycle and you won’t have problems.

When it comes to a low-carb and high-protein diet, we’ve already mentioned that a small number of people should eat that way. Why? Because your entire body needs carbs, and if you follow your true evolution and DNA, you’ll find out that people didn’t eat that much protein earlier. Some even say that too much protein causes cancer in many people. What’s for sure is that proteins can make acid levels in your blood and body higher, which can lead to various diseases.

If I think about people who would advise to eat all proteins, I can immediately think of Eskimos because that is their natural way of life and all of them share that DNA. DNA that has formed over hundreds of years.

The best food most people should eat is simple – the fruit can be digested in an hour. When, for example, meat can stay in your stomach for 72 hours. Take a look at what happens with meat when you leave it somewhere for 72 hours, and imagine what happens inside your stomach.

What do you think about this discussion?

Do you find carbs or proteins better for your body, mind, and energy?

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