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Million of fish die in the ocean

A few of my friends are not religious people. I have a different opinion on what life is and why we’re here. But I have absolutely always found the Bible to be a prophetic book. And it was, again, last month. In my opinion, I don’t think you can see what’s happening in current times and not see that the Bible has absolutely predicted these things. It’s like they know how mankind will behave and what disastrous consequences such actions will bring. And here we are…

2024 is my prediction based on the blood moons of 2017 and the eclipse of 2017. Even Sept 23rd, 2017 happens word for word as described in the Bible. The thing is… people think if you come up with a “scientific ” answer to why it’s happening. That means they can disregard the prophecy of the Bible. But the Bible doesn’t explain scientifically why. It just says it happens. The point is that sometimes you don’t need an explanation when you can see things happening right in front of your eyes.

We easily become immersed in a fiction which inflicts its lies upon our own life; yet, we do not notice. Why? Because we are constantly afraid and trying to shape life in so many ways we like. But life isn’t like that – you can fool yourself sometimes, but you cannot full yourself all the time. The distractions we give ourselves are made to be believed as necessary for our attention to be certain of the peace and safety of our “own” lives, so we are told. Numerous people accept that because it’s easier for them to live that way. It’s literally some sort of comfort, but that comfort is fake and doesn’t last long.

It is a deception many have fallen to. When our own path is littered with the detritus of another’s life, we are forced to lift Heaven’s burdens away from our footing in order that move forward. Do you deserve death and seek the will of | the creator, together? Ask and you shall receive. The world needs a change. But I truly doubt it will have one – until it’s too late and there won’t be any other choice.

The great sign coming right from the heavens happened in September 2017. I can tell you how it was the start of the apocalyptic times. And now, seven years later, everyone can see that the end times actually came.

Our mental health and suicide rates rise, but society continues to blind everyone’s eyes with fake stories, fun, and sins.

Just about a decade ago, the PH level of the ocean was around 8.4. With all the waste dumped into the ocean, it’s now 8.0 and below. Most aquatic life cannot survive the environment they’re living in at that level. I have heard about dead fish floating in the ocean since I was a boy. it’s always the same outcome, that I’m standing on a beach feeling surreal with a crowd of people just watching it unfold & knowing that life as we know it is forever over. As I got older I saw mountains, caves, earthquakes, tsunamis & UFOs. It feels so odd to see it all happening in my waking hours but strangely I have no fear. it’s like I’ve known all along subconsciously as I’m able and try to keep love in my heart for those who aren’t aware of what’s happening. Everyone notices time has been speeding up lately. I noticed it 11 or 12  years ago and now a lot does too. So the main theme of the last 9 years is extreme weather, fish, dolphin, whales, and birds, all dying in massive numbers.

Certain fish are very sensitive to temperature change and die off when conditions are not right. Salt levels in the oceans have been weakening as polar areas have been melting. The salt in the water carries the heat to the northern hemisphere assisting the climate. Changes are becoming larger and more often, but we humans don’t respect our planet. We have lost respect for literally anything in this world.

Countless people all around the globe choose the “easier” way – evil, greed, fame, money, or you name it. But the truth is – that’s not an easier way and it will literally send you to Hell, even before you die.

“I have told you this now before it all happens so that when it does happen, you will believe.” John 14:29  

If THIS doesn’t bring a nation to prayer nothing will!

Do you think that humans don’t respect our planet?

Are we taking everything for granted and why?

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