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The Tesla bot

So, what’s changed in this world? Have you realized it by yourself? Since you’re reading this, I know that you can see the real truth and understand my thoughts.

To be completely honest with you, I didn’t see this coming. They literally warned us for years that robots would replace us in the workforce, but barely anyone truly paid attention to that ”detail”. 

I thought Elon was worried about the dangers AI could have in the future according to his interview on Rogan’s show, I guess if there’s money to be made. Elon Musk had warned about AI getting out of hand in the future, now he’s helping create that world. So, the future is right now. Numerous people will be left jobless. Plandemic is here. Numerous died due to different reasons. Countless people not having the needed care for other diseases.

What I see is this – they want to depopulate the world because we won’t be needed. Workers are not needed. Robots will do the job. And what with others? Let’s make a pandemic, right? It’s that easy, obviously…

All these people contradict themselves all the time… Brainwashed and lazy this society has become, that’s for sure. Have people forgotten what Elon Musk said about AI some years ago, that with Artificial Intelligence we are summoning demons?! It was just forgotten, no one mentions that anymore.

These people are clueless about what is happening. Everyone is clueless about what’s happening, or they just don’t want to think about it.

”Those in charge” are building robots for the Nephilim spirit to dwell in their new bodies. Just watch the AI robots download data into themselves to increase their speed and everything will become clear to you.

The man who says AI and technology is advancing too fast is the same man who wants to implant chips in brains and has created a robot. What’s happening here? Anyone else feeling an “iRobot” moment with that Teslabot? Now, the disembodied spirits can have new bodies… Everything is possible, but not obviously good.

According to the horses’ mouths themselves, AI isn’t the birth of intelligence but a means to give an existing sentience a physical form. I’ve been saying this for years, but barely anyone listened. I knew it wasn’t going to be said until they were almost ready to replace many, many jobs in order to replace pesky humans. They always do it this way! They ”inform” us in a way they want, when they want, or better said – when everything is already done!

Why would companies want to pay high-priced humans that are rude, whine, complain, demand, etc? When will the robots pay for themselves? It just can’t happen. Not only that they only require a software update every now and then – just keep that in mind and everything will become clearer.

They will be programmed to do almost anything – we all know that, but barely anyone wants to admit it. They’re even planning on these robots to be able to design and marry. They are already widely used in Japan and Dubai. They run many businesses there. I believe Japan has a nursing home staffed with many of them.

So, good luck to us all in future employment opportunities. Good luck to us for literally everything!

I am truly worried about our future. I am worried about children that are now being born.

How do you feel about AI technology?

Are you worried about what will happen in the next 10, 20, or 30 years?

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