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12 Things That Keep You Alive Every Day You Wouldn’t Be Able To Live Without

Have you ever thought what keeps you alive every day? People often tend to forget about all those ”little things” that keep us here every second. For that purpose, we have created a list which will remind you how happy you should be-and how happy you already are!

z1 Why? Because you are alive! Check out the list below and feel the gratitude for every single moment of your life by each and every day! You wouldn’t be able to live without:

1. Your heart. You can constantly feel or hear your heartbeat. How often do you listen to it? How magically it sounds actually? Yes, you are alive because of your heart. Express gratitude for that!

2. Sleeping. If you ask me for my personal opinion, I really like to sleep a lot! Who doesn’t, right? If you wouldn’t sleep for approximately 5 days you wouldn’t be alive anymore. Sleeping is great, it recovers your body, and besides that-keeps you here!

3. The air we breathe. We should definitely be happy to have breathable air. Okay, the truth is, most of our planet is very polluted, so the air is too. Yet, without breathable air, we wouldn’t be alive for more than 2 minutes.

4. Brushing your teeth. You may now think how is this even connected with being alive? Well, there are so many bacteria in your mouth which can cause you a lot of damage and ruin your health. So, brush your teeth regularly and love your toothbrush-it keeps you alive!

z25. Clean water. You can compare this fact to the third one. It is almost the same. The Earth is polluted, there is not much clean water on our planet, yet, we still have enough to drink on a daily basis-at least, most of us do. Without water, you wouldn’t be able to survive more than 5-7 days.

6. The Sun. If there was no Sun, we wouldn’t be alive at all. Imagine life in complete darkness. Well, it cannot exist here. For example, plants also need Sun to grow. We later harvest them and eat them, right?

7. Food. When you think how people lived a long time ago, you must admit how they completely lived to hunt or find any type of food. So, we don’t do that now, but, we also need to eat to stay alive.

8. Touch. Can you believe that people can get very ill if they are so long in the isolation and without human’s touch? So, hug your beloved ones as much as you can.

z39. Words. The same goes as for the touch. If you don’t communicate with anyone for so long, you would get so sick and eventually die. How is that possible? Well, we humans are born to live in groups, not alone. We are social beings.

10. Faith. You wouldn’t be able to live day by day if you don’t have faith in anything. You would be scared all the time, lost, and you would literally lose your mind. Faith keeps you on the right track. It keeps you alive.

11. Hope. If you don’t hope at all, and if you look at everything ”black”, you can get seriously ill. Hope is great. Always hope for the best!

12. Conscious. Without conscious, we would all do the same mistakes over and over again. We wouldn’t be able to recognize a threat when it arrives, so we would eventually die.

z4As you can see, there are so many ”things” that keep us alive by each and every day.

Can you think of more?

How do you express your gratitude to life?

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