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11 Everyday Things You Are Doing Wrong You Should Be Doing Right

Have you ever wondered how different people do some ordinary daily stuff? Are they doing something different than you? We have created a list which will help you to realize which mistakes are you constantly making and how to change those. Continue reading and find out many interesting facts about daily life!

1. Sleeping tip. Do you like to sleep on your stomach? How about twisting up like a pretzel? Yes, we know, it may feel good, but if you want to improve your general health, the best would be to sleep on your back or on your side.

sdfs 2. Your gym bag. How dirty is your gym bag? You always put some dirty clothes in it, right? Do you wash it regularly? The best would be to wash it once a week and put your clothes in a plastic bag. In that case, you will escape some dangerous bacteria.

3. Stretching before exercising. It is great if you like to exercise, but if you are stretching before your workout, we have bad news. It weakens muscles and in that case, you may hurt yourself easier. The best would be to stretch after a workout.

4. Washing your hair too often. If you are shampooing your hair more than twice a week, your scalp will lose its natural oils. You wouldn’t believe it, but if you wash your hair too often, you will create an endless circle in which you will finally need to wash it by each and every day!

5. Breathing from the lungs. Have you ever looked at how babies breathe? They breathe from their stomach, so should you. We, adults, stop breathing properly as the stress hits. So, calm down, take a deep breathe and watch your stomach go inside out.

6. Taking a long shower to relax. The truth is how showering is still better than taking a bath, but if you stay too long under the shower it will definitely dry out your skin.

cbdf 7. Eating cereals for breakfast. There is a controversial story about eating breakfast and losing weight-it is still not proven. Yet, if you think how eating cereals is the best choice for your breakfast because ”everyone does that”, we have some bad news. Cereals won’t make you full for a long period of time. They will just ”play with your insulin levels”. It would be better to have some proteins instead (how about an omelet?).

8. Toilet seat. Women and men, most of the times argue who left the toilet seat up or down. But, the truth is, you always need to put on that cover on your toilet once you are done with it. All those germs stay in the air if you don’t close it.

9. Brushing your teeth right after your meal. If you brush your teeth a few minutes after you’ve had lunch, for example, you may hurt your teeth’s health. It is highly recommended to wait for at least 30 minutes after your meal to brush them.

10. Multitasking. It is scientifically proven that no one can multitask properly. You will just lose your focus. So, do one thing at a time.

sdf11. Hangover hacks. You have probably googled some hangover hacks for at least once in your life. The truth is-they don’t work!

All you can do is wait for the alcohol to leave your body, which is in approximately 24-48 hours.

Do you know some other things people constantly do wrong?

In which of these facts have you recognized yourself?

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