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11 sneaky ways advertisers force you buy stuff you don’t need

Have you ever thought what are the ways advertising world is completing their ‘secret tactics’? If you haven’t, we have done a complete research and found the results which may shock you. Check out the list below and find out the ways they force you to buy the stuff you don’t actually need! Of course, after realizing what those are, you will be finally free from their secret tactics which makes you spend more money.

sdfd1. The product is ”human”. What does this mean? It means that the more human some product becomes, it will be sold better. How is that possible? Because we all crave almost the same things. You can connect this to anthropomorphize, for example. We attach to emotions. So, the advertised product needs to connect with our emotions to be better sold. Buy rationally, not emotionally!

2. Human’s face. People tend to believe someone more and someone less. Did you know how advertisers put people with brown eyes and higher faces in their commercials? It is scientifically proven that we, humans, believe some people more, depending on the looks of their face. Sounds silly, right?

3. ” ..only one left…” If you have traveled by an airplane, for example, you have probably seen how some flights have ”only one flight ticket left”… Was that the truth? Most of the times it isn’t! People tend to buy because they think it is such a great deal because it is already almost sold, so, why would they miss ”such a great chance”?

4. Social insecurities. How do you choose your doctor? You choose it because your friend told you how great that doctor is, for example. Well, the advertising works the same way. You will buy a product if someone you admire is using it, so they say how it is approved by-you name it…

5. The art of reverse psychology. Believe it or not, advertisers have realized how reverse psychology functions great on people. They may tell you that you don’t need that product, but they will also tell you all the facts why is it good for you and how it may improve your life. In that way, you will think about how they don’t force you to buy it. You will think about how they are not lying, right? They will focus you on the benefits of the product you will get.

sdfsdf6. Nostalgia. Advertisers want to make you nostalgic because we all remember our childhood as a safe place. In that case, they will do everything to make you think how some product connects you with your ”child happiness”. Have you seen some ”retro” package of your favorite product lately? Were you happy to see it? Suprised? Thought something like-”Wow, it looked like this when I was a child!”

7. Smaller packaging. People tend to think how if they buy a smaller bottle of beer they will drink less, for example. Unfortunately, it is proven how people who buy everything in smaller packaging actually buy more of it, not less.

8. Losing focus. For how many times have you lost your focus in a supermarket? Their purpose is to make you confused and you will forget what did you want to buy in the first place, right? They may put milk and bread at the end of the store, so, while you are walking through it, you will probably buy something you don’t need.

9. Getting someone to touch you. This may sound silly, but it is really happening in the advertising industry. If a woman touches you while promoting some product, both women and men tend to spend more money. How is that possible? Well, it is scientifically proven, and unfortunately, the truth.

10. Promising. Let’s talk about the Internet for a bit. If you have been googling something to help yourself, you will in just a few days see a lot of commercials on your social media accounts that promise you to solve your problem. You may think about how the Internet is actually helping you connect with the right people but think twice. They are doing it for self-promotion, and you are their targeted audience.

11. Free treats. Yes, we are not pets but everyone likes to get something for free. If you are thinking how great some purchase may be because you will get something extra for free, know how it is put there for a reason. When you summarize all of this, you will realize how certain brands, festivals, cultures, and of course, sports events have their own advertising techniques they use to make you buy the stuff you don’t need.

afadf You have realized it already by yourself-an idea they are promoting about some brands is 99% of the times, not the truth at all!

We think some products are better because of some ”hidden idea” or even an association with a larger entity.

Want to undo this consumerist brainwashing? It is simple! Always try not to respond on your emotional level. We know how it is easier said than done, yet, with the knowledge about the techniques they use, you can become free from their lies!

Just because they use strong marketing techniques, it doesn’t mean how something is really ”new” or ”beautiful” or you name it.

Can you think of more tricks?

Are you ready to finally trully control your spending behaviours now?

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