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France fines Google €57 million over privacy violations

In the nowadays politics world, it seems like how a lot (or almost everything) is about technology. France national Data protection mission faced Google breach and failed to explain how was its online privacy data collection stored. Getting user’s data lead Google to pay 57 million in fine! But, think about it for a moment. To whom they will pay such a huge amount of money? We all clearly realize that the users are always those who are damaged. They will certainly not pay it to the people… It is now well known how they literally make more money on data than on the ads.

sdfsdfThe USA is still staying blind in front of this national security risk. There are countless companies in the US which have been spied for so long. Yet, it seems like how US National Security policies are completely fine with that. Are they all hiding something bigger from us? I think I don’t even need to answer this question…

For example, Google takes all of your information just to let you submit an appeal on your Twitter account. How silly is that? They know it’s not a game. There are no alternatives here-only big red flags! If something isn’t doing business, it’s trafficking. You got the whole point now, right? The whole point is that they want to control us all. By getting our private information and collecting our data, they are able and will be even more to manipulate it in any way wanted. Let’s say that it is Sunday, you just want to order a pizza for your family and enjoy your lunch.

Okay, you can do that over your mobile device. But, it will locate your device. It knows your location all the time. It will connect you with those around you (in this case, the restaurants, for example). Why cannot you just answer the question where your device is for ordering some food? No, they already know everything. You can see how a silly and simple situation reveals a lot. And it’s not silly at all…

When it comes to that fine Google needs to pay, we all see how that is nothing for them. They took 32 billion in just three months of the year! We know this all is just one huge show so we believe our data won’t be collected and manipulated anymore. A consumer group in EU have also accused Google because of deceptive practices connected with location tracking. They are not happy with the way they do it.

Well, who is? We must not forget how huge this problem is actually. The truth is that they have the right to tell a company to stop tracking them. Yet, the truth is also that Google does not think that everyone has the right to opt-OUT. Opt-IN is a different case, it can be completed.

dafadfOverall, we live in a so-called democratic world. People want to feel safe and stop worrying about their privacy. Yet, the truth is how many people don’t even know in how many ways their information may be used. Also, we are not free if everyone is tracking us constantly. No one is talking about us, ”ordinary people”, they are talking only when something ”huge” happens (read like-when something happens to someone rich or famous).

Are you worried about your personal information?

Do you believe in public security?

Does it even exist?

Or is this all just a huge lie?

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