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How can we still change our lives for better (despite what is happening in the whole world)?

Dear reader, I believe that you have already asked yourself this question many times. We all know how our world functions (unfortunately) and we are able to see a modern society moving toward a future which will completely change mankind. You may be sad and angry because our society is built on corruption and lies. You may be worried about the wars and the newest weapons that may completely destroy our beloved planet Earth. You may be also frightened about the future of your children.

I know how you feel. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal you some special secret how to change your life for better despite what is happening in the world, but I can help you transform it in a way which will be acceptable for you and your beloved ones. Let’s not take any more of your time. We should better read the list below together!

sdfsfThis is what you can do for yourself and your ‘tribe’:

Educate yourself. Yes, first things first. Knowledge is something that no one can take away from you. Remember that very well. And no, I am not talking about going to university here (which is great, but not the topic right now). I am talking about those things that interest you. What are you passionate about? Does biology make you stay out of the breath while just watching some plants grow in the garden? Learn more about it. Discover life. You are the one who should make its own conclusion. Act and think like a scientist. For example, my biggest passion is discovering the universe and there is nothing else that makes me happier than looking at the stars through the telescope.

Detoxicate yourself. Don’t worry, I’m not putting you on a diet. Or at least, not on the one you think. I want you to detoxicate yourself from the media. Mass media and social media work on completely same principles. Those are always connected with fear. Keep in mind how masses are easily controlled when scared. Not you. Not anymore. Spend time with real people, animals, plants… Live your life without constantly following all the news coming from different parts of the globe because those are not true at all but just exist to control you.

Your relationship with money. Stop believing how you will be rich if you have millions of dollars. Yes, we all need money, and life without money isn’t possible. But say no to consumerism. Be strong enough to ignore the messages society sends you by each and every day. No, you won’t become better and more appreciated if you buy that huge house you don’t need. Commercials are constantly trying to tell you how you will become ‘someone’ when you buy ‘something’. And you already are someone. Someone special.

vsdffsdYour ‘tribe’. Be sure to surround yourself with people who think and live like you. And yes, you can end some friendships if those don’t bring you anything good or if those don’t let you follow the right path. You shouldn’t feel guilty about that at all.

Do your best. Be sure that you take care of our environment and act kindly to everyone. Although that may be not enough to completely improve and change our poisoned society, you will know, at least, that you’ve done everything in your power to achieve that. Don’t bother yourself because that wasn’t enough. You are not the one to blame for that.

Have some of my ideas inspired you to live your life how you should?

Which of this advice do you like the most?

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