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What would happen if the right people ruled this planet?

Let’s be honest about one thing-this world is ruled by not such good people… Do I need to describe them ‘better’ or is everything already clear? I think it is… So, I was wondering how would our planet look like if the right people have ruled it. I have thought about that for so long that I have even created a list of those things that would be different.

Values. We all clearly see how in the nowadays world right values are not that appreciated because those mostly don’t bring people a wanted effect. It seems like how if you are not pretty, rich or famous, you don’t value much. Overall, if the right people have ruled this planned those values wouldn’t be the same. People who are smart, kind and intelligent would be those that matter.

asdafChildren. Those in power tell us what we should learn about this planet and most of the times we are even lied to. Children in our society are not able to express all their values because they don’t even have space for that. As for adults, always those who are rich and important for some role in our society may be noticed while others stay in the shadow. That wouldn’t happen if the right people rule this planet.

Our environment. No one really cares about our environment (I am, of course, talking about those who rule this world). We are the witness of the dying planet. Our nature is definitely sick and tired of our behaviors. Do I need to mention that we are almost out of the clean water and forests that provide us the air we breath? Yet, that doesn’t bother those in power. They use everything with a purpose to gain money and even more power. If the right people ruled this world, we would be one with nature. We would respect it completely and never throw away anything it gives us. Besides that, we would appreciate life more. Think about food for a moment. How much food do we throw away daily while there are many people worldwide dying from hunger?

We would help each other. I’ve mentioned society’s relationship with food above. If the right people have ruled this planet, we wouldn’t be witnesses to so many poor, hungry, and ill people all around the globe. There are enough resources for everyone to stay alive and healthy. They just don’t care about that!

What really matters… I have already talked about our educational systems. But, do children and adults learn what they really need to know? Do they really know what truly matters? Love, empathy, family, philanthropy, health… You can add some other values to that list, but I am pretty sure that you know what I am talking about.

adfadfPeace. Ever since our society exists, we were able to see many wars happening. Yet, the truth is, with the modern times, wars became more violent and they got some new form. Those in power love wars because they get even more power and fortune when those end. But, what with all those lost lives? If good people would rule this planet, we would all live in peace.

Have you ever wondered about this topic?

Do you think how we will, one day, see the right people ”ruling” our planet?

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