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What can people start doing today that will help them a lot in about 7 years?

If you can start changing your life today in ways that will bring you well-being in approximately 7 years, what should you do? We always strive for fast results that change our life for the better, but what to do if you want to be the best version of yourself in the long term? Take a look at our list and inspire yourself with amazing things you can start doing today that will completely change your life in 7 years:

1. Quit smoking. The best thing you can do now that will pay off in the long term is quit smoking. If you didn’t know, your lungs can actually recover in less than 10 years if you stop smoking. So, those will not only look like you’ve never smoked but also function in the same manner. You will escape numerous potential diseases, but also save a lot of money.

2. Start exercising. You don’t have to exercise for hours per day, but you can actually just take a few exercises and repeat them on a daily basis for approximately 20 minutes. In the long-term, this will not only completely change and improve your looks but also bring you more endurance and a stronger immune system.

3. Learning a new language. The problem with us, people, is that we always want everything now and at once. But, for such a price we have to work hard. Luckily, you don’t have to work hard if you want your life to be improved in 7 years, you just have to be consistent. Start learning a new language for at least 20 minutes per day and in 7 years – you will be able to speak it like a native.

4. Save money. Save at least a little bit of money each and every day, and in 7 years – you will be able to travel to a wanted destination, buy anything you want or like, or have amazing savings that will bring you a feeling of relief and safety for the future. Remember – it doesn’t have to be anything big. If you, for example, save $5 per day, each month of the year – you will have $12,600 in 7 years. Incredible, isn’t it?

5. Express gratitude. Start changing the negative sides of your personality. You will easily achieve that by expressing gratitude on a daily basis. Slowly, you will realize that your entire mental focus has changed – you are not about negativity and things you don’t have anymore, but you are related to the things you already have and finally, you’ve learned to appreciate them. People around you will definitely easily see this tremendous change and you’ll have higher chances of meeting new people with the same positive mindset.

6. Work on self-esteem. You should challenge yourself from time to time and step out of your daily routine. Leave that comfort zone and see how your self-esteem grows. Try different approaches and strategies and learn that nothing in life is consistent, but it’s all about change and growth.

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7. Do keep your living expenses low, like a business you want to have good cash flow and low operating costs. Ideally, keep your expenses below 40% of income (after tax)

8. Don’t burn bridges, you never know when you’ll need to use them to reach safety to your destination.

9. Learn a new skill, it could be anything but start now and in 5 years you’ll be pretty damned good at it.

Try to do at least 2 things from our list and you’ll see amazing changes happening with time. Talk to you in 7 years!

Which of this advice do you like the most?

Would you like to add something else to this list?

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