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What should I absolutely not do when visiting the USA?

If you are thinking about visiting the US, it’s a good idea to learn at least something about their laws, culture, and life overall. Every country has its own rules and cultural habits. Luckily, you don’t have to Google a lot and read too much because we have summarized everything for you.

Ask yourself: “What should I absolutely not do when visiting the USA?” Check out this list:

1. Don’t get out of your car if you get pulled over by police. Most people made the minor mistake of disobeying a traffic sign. It’s considered polite to get out of your car and walk over to the police car. Don’t get out of your car if stopped by police. They will assume you are armed.

2. Infringing on personal space. Don’t do this, like ever. People truly respect their own space, so if you don’t, there are high chances that you may be considered aggressive or rude.

3. Keep it moving. Most streets in the US are truly busy and people are hurrying up to get somewhere on time. If you instantly stop due to literally any reason, you won’t have a good time. So, always keep moving.

4. Tipping. This may be important in almost all countries, but in the USA it’s a must. Don’t forget to tip your waiter, hairdresser, or literally anyone who sells you their service. It’s a matter of respect.

5. Touching is not really okay. Don’t touch foreign people. Americans don’t like to be touched by strangers. Remind yourself about our second fact on this list and combine it with this rule to get the entire picture about how you should behave with others.

6. Children. In some countries, it is okay to say “hello” or to ask someone’s children, but in America, that isn’t a good thing. Stay away from communicating with their children, so you won’t be considered strange or even sick.

7. The country really is huge. If you think that America is not that big, you’ll definitely be surprised by its size. Don’t think that you will easily visit all those places on your list. Actually, you’ll need a few weeks to just see a part of this country. Better plan your vacation in a detailed manner and don’t forget to drive anywhere by car.

8. Jokes about terrorism. Skip telling jokes related to terrorism in any way. In the USA, people don’t find it funny.

9. Politics. In some countries, political topics are like small talks. Yet, that’s not the case in the USA. Forget about arguing with anyone about political views. Those things should be kept private, so left politics where they should be.

10. Race, gender, and obesity. Besides terrorism and politics, it’s also highly recommended that you don’t discuss someone’s race, gender, but also their weight. Yes, people can get truly offended, and we are sure that you don’t need a big argument on your trip.

Bonus advice – don’t stare at women. No, it’s not nice and they won’t understand it as a compliment. Act as a real gentleman, if you’re a man.

Overall, following this advice isn’t hard, and can guarantee you that you won’t face some unexpected issues.

Have you already traveled to the USA?

Which part of it do you like the most?

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