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Many Lies We Believe About Money

Since ancient times, people have always given value to something. At first, those were the spices. Later on, we had a trade of different goods. And then, the gold. So now, here we are, with money. It’s just paper, right? Who gives it value? Why everyone constantly talks just about money?

People are obsessed with it. They say that you cannot live without money. Many claim it provides freedom. But does it really?

Here’s the first lie about it: ”Money is building wealth.” It’s wrong! The truth is that building wealth, as a term, is actually biblical.

How much money do you want? Here’s the second lie: ”More money will make me happier.” The truth here is: ”You already have what you need to be happy. You are just searching for happiness in the wrong directions.”

asdfswfLots of unbiblical ideas have been shared about the subject of money and sadly many religions have accepted it too.

The real truth about everything is that God is not limited by our finite resources.

We believe – “more money will not make you happier, it will only make you more of what you already are.” Sadly, the idea that money will make me happier is still a very popular belief among believers (especially us in the USA and other capitalist and materialistic-oriented countries).

In what world do we live in? It definitely is a world that is focused on “destination addiction.” Are you constantly ”chasing” something? To have a better car? Do be prettier? To have a higher salary? To become a boss of the company?

You know how that goes – it may start with something small like I want my hair to be longer. Why am I not fit as my neighbor? And then, boom – You start to believe that the next job, business transaction, or more money will finally be the place where you’ll be happy.

Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School did a famous study that’s very interesting to me too. What the researchers found was that once somebody hits the $75,000 + annual income mark, the level of happiness doesn’t improve much between that point to somebody who makes a few millions of dollars a year. They found that once people have their basic needs met (health college, insurance, home, retirement, etc.), their happiness is no longer is boosted by financial increase, but rather it is consistently boosted by deep relationships and experiences.

While this belief might have a good well-meaning, the reality is that many of us can segment our money to say that we give 10 percent to God and we decide what happens with the other 90 percent. This is a dangerous mindset because while we are technically ‘giving’ to our local churches and ministries, we miss the entire point of why we give.


“Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless” (Ecclesiastes 5:10).Lie: 10 percent Belongs to God.Truth: 100 percent belongs to God.

sdfsf”The point is that all 100 percent belongs to our GOD because all things on Heaven and Earth belong to Him.” (Colossians 1:16)


Do you often dream about being very rich?

Have you caught yourself searching for happiness in the wrong ”places”?

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