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The 7 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself: EVERY DAY

Everyone is constantly asking themselves a lot of questions daily, but the truth is, numerous people miss the point. They ask themselves do they look pretty that morning, they ask themselves what they want to eat for lunch and how they want to dress that day… Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with asking yourself such questions. Yet, I want to teach you how to ask yourself some really valuable questions that will change your life for better.

There are exactly seven questions you should ask yourself daily with a purpose to fulfill your life with passion and joy. Check out the list below!

What really makes you happy? This may be a tricky one because people mostly think about some imaginary state which will bring them happiness. When asked what makes them happy, people often say how they would be happy if they get a better job or more money (for example). But, ask yourself what really makes you happy? When are you happy? Describe those situations in your mind.

adfefWhat do you cry about? Does watching some true-life story movies with an unhappy ending make you cry? Why? Be specific. Realize why some things make you cry. Once you realize that, you will be able to do something about it – either to change that or to work on the problem (if it’s someone else’s or society’s).

What do you dream about? Once you answer that question, you will be finally able to go in the right direction in your life.

What can you improve in your life? Think about all those things that still haven’t reached its full potential. Be brave enough to grow constantly.

Who do you love and who loves you? Do I need to say something more about this question? Be sure to know ‘your tribe’.

What are you grateful for? Expressing gratitude is of a crucial value if you want to stay on the right track in your life. Be sure to focus on all those things you already have and those you have already achieved. People tend to think way too much about all those things they don’t have now and those they still haven’t achieved.

What are your long-term goals? Once you set your goals, you will be able to work on those days with small steps. Be sure that you are always one step closer to achieving your long-term goals.

qwdqwAs you can see, these questions won’t remind you of so many bad memories or make you feel guilty (I am pretty sure how every one of us has tons of such questions in our heads already). Let’s change that together! If we focus on the good things and those that matter and are happening right now, only then we will be able to change our lives for better.

Be sure that you become a better version of yourself by each and every day. Of course, don’t expect too much from yourself and don’t be strict. It doesn’t matter if you sometimes make a mistake, but try to get back on the right track. It is all about standing up once again even when you fall…

Will you ask yourself these questions daily from now on?

Do you believe how those can actually change your life?

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