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The Dark Side Of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles isn’t as green as we think they are. Everyone is only talking about its bright sides, but what’s the real truth?

Oh, Africa, what a rich continent you are. God has blessed us with you, but they are ruining it non-stop.

If you ever think there’s something wrong with this planet, just look at Africa. This continent has everything, yet they are still poor. Why? Because everyone is robbing them and using their people for different experiments.

Natural resources:

It’s so heartbreaking that Africa, a continent gifted with so many natural resources (cobalt, diamonds, etc) has to suffer poverty in large parts. They lost millions of SOULS over that… We know the reality of all the truth about this wicked act going on in that country.

Child poverty

It’s shocking to see child poverty exploited in this way and still, it goes on. I am very worried that our world is actually going backward. In this country, there is socially imposed poverty.


“Climate solution not at the expense of human lives.”  What a big shame to those that manufacture these vehicles, high efficiency, high tech, scientifically advanced works of art but have no soul, no morale, no regard for human rights, not definitely helping nature nor giving honor to the Supreme Creator Almighty God.


We should pray for those who suffered from all these malicious intent and feel sorry for the tyrants who own these luxuries, already have blood on their hands. All these evil deeds! God is sharpening His sickle before casting his wrath in full strength reserved on the final days. Not to mention that EV suppliers replaced the word “reusable” with the word “recyclable”. Now figure this: Li-Ion cells have been on the market for 30 years now. Still, only 5% is truly recycled as recycling is very costly and dangerous.

Now figure out where dead battery cells will go in the future? Cobalt is also used in the form of Cobalt Oxide in Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Zinc rechargeable batteries. It is an additive in the positive electrode which is predominantly Nickel Hydroxide to form an electrical network that makes the positive electrode much more conductive. Just so you know that its application is far beyond lithium-ion batteries, which is really not the way to go because it’s too expensive to make and not very safe. The problem with what I call a short-life invention is this: it is based on a specific metal that requires tons of new soil and forest to be displaced or destroyed during the mining operation, not to mention the use of toxic chemicals somewhere in the processing.

Green movement

I guess the invention of Filipino Elias Delos Santos comes closest to that ideal when energy is not only unlimited (cosmic electricity directly from the air/ space)… They call it a “Green movement” because all it does is put “Green” in their pockets. This electric car is killing people even before it hits the road – Electric vehicles have miles to go before they can claim to be clean.

Do you realize what they are trying to make? A new world without us, without humans. The main point is that we are here without souls. It’s okay for them that we work as slaves and act in the same manner, yet – they don’t want us to have feelings.


There are, of course, numerous other problems with EVs. Are Electric Vehicles really clean? They run on dirty energy and blood of children as young as 6. Electric cars drive human rights abuse and child labor. China is one of the villains – Are electric carmakers equally guilty of Inhumane. Where are the voices of these precious children?

The metals and chemicals utilized in the electronics of EVs are very toxic to humans. Many places use coal-generated electricity so now we are compounding the human health and environmental harm by charging toxic electric cars with coal-generated electricity. When the EV batteries reach the end of their useful life they are extremely toxic waste to humans and the environment. We are being told lies on climate, lies about electric vehicles, and lies on many things because corrupt, greedy people in positions of public trust are prioritizing profits over human health, and our environment, and persons in positions of public trust that are trustworthy to prioritize human health, human rights, and responsible decisions about our environment.


Unfortunately, there’s always a high cost to innovation and technological progress, don’t forget the past. How can we let this continue? The green movement is looking like there’s blood on their hands. Businesses are running on human blood crushing human rights and this is just unacceptable. Australia has very strict mining laws and all mining sites must be returned to the state it was before mining. Also, Australia uses a process to treat cobalt, I think it’s called “Thermally decomposing pyrite “ that produces no acidic by-products and less pollution to refine the cobalt. This is not a climate solution, this is human abuse..”  


Congo is the second-largest country in Africa its GDP is around 49 billion dollars Congo is synonymous with conflict poverty and Corruption, labor laws do not apply here nor do safety protocols these minds produce 20 to 30% of mongoose some 205,000 minors work in these mines at least 44,000 of them are children most of them are too narrow for adults to enter inside it’s like a furnace the children dig for Cobalt under inhuman conditions sometimes they have shovels but mostly they dig with their hand they have no mask any glove.

Illegal miners

How much does this child get? Sometimes a dollar. This is a multibillion-dollar industry is estimated to be worth 14.65 billion dollars by 2026- 2028   Is a dollar is worth risking one’s life many died trying to make this money between 2014 and 2015 at least 86 miners died in fungal infection 21 and accidents killed 43 minor according to one estimate 2000 +illegal miners died in Congo every year many types of permanent lung damage skin infection and life-changing injuries.

Don’t we have bigger problems besides talking about people who are excited about driving a car without a need to control it? Like we are thinking about automating everything around us, yet we can barely control our lives. Not to mention our future – from this point of view, it really doesn’t exist for so many people all around the globe. Can’t you see what’s coming? The worst winter since WWII. Yes, that’s right. There will be too many hungry people. but also those who will die due to cold.



In 2035 the demand is being driven by electric vehicles today which I’m told and 6.5 million. Sending the children to the mind is not a choice for them but a necessity. These children end up working as artisanal miners or informal workers who are not employed by any company. Anything with China never ends well, today China is leaking blood-covered into the supply chain of electric vehicles. Chinese companies are buying some children and cabbage in the crock pot recipe to get rid of black batteries.

What about the next problem? What will we do about nuclear weapons? You may think how that’s not gonna happen but think twice. The entire world went mad approximately two years ago – but definitely a lot earlier. Since the pandemic started, we see everything happening to completely ruin our society.

Did you sign up for this? The world’s biggest car makers are a part of this. Tesla Volkswagen Renault Mercedes-Benz all sorts of Chinese lines with Congo show they came to have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to child labor but they know that there is no way to fully map the supply chain back and fungal.

President Felix has pledged to act in 2019 his tablet to the state-run company to focus on health and humans but that’s how he has some Congolese officials accused.

When you just think about it all, it sounds a bit messed up, isn’t it? Yet, it’s all truly clear. Just open your eyes.

How do you see our future?

Are you afraid of the changes happening these days?

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