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The Hookup Culture

Our world is becoming more and more unrecognizable by every day. But when you just think about the entire situation and how people are behaving, you will still see that about 2/3 of the population are running happily and cluelessly towards their own enslavement or demise…

How do you deprogram a lifetime of the few brainwashing the masses? I have been asking myself this for years! From babies to the graves, generation after generation, we have been conditioned, brainwashed, and programmed. We have been told how to think, act, react, and behave by the entertainment industry. It knows us better than we do.

The problem is that people have lost their emotions. It’s like even their emotions and beliefs are now programmed by something.

chfghThe entertainment industry has more influence over us than our parents.

The subliminal messages they send you about alcohol, sex, gender roles, etc., are in almost every TV show or movie. Have you ever wondered why? Because when we become susceptible to one sin (which is most usually lust), that’s the moment when we become susceptible to multiple sins. Eventually, you become so worldly that you abandon our creator – one and only God. From that moment, your life becomes worthless.

I have already told you, so many times, that devil wins when he makes you think he doesn’t exist. It’s the same with this Hookup Culture. They will always tell you how there’s nothing hidden behind their shows. They are simply the shows – for you to have fun. And while you watch entertainment programs, your brain easily shapes in a way they have always wanted. Yet, you still think they’re not doing it.

People easily give up on God these days. But if you give up on God, God might abandon you and let you go. As soon as we are born, society gives us a script to tell us how we should be, how we should behave, what we should like and dislike, and so on.

Have you realized that a lot of people today have the same goals in life? Society tells you what goals you should accomplish and how you are supposed to manage your life. But should that be your goal? What? To get rich and famous?

Only God knows your goal and purpose. Listen to the messages He sends you and you will never feel lost again.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are still connected to the Matrix and too afraid to pull the plug. Most people feel they can’t leave their jobs and start over somewhere else because they have bills to cover every week. They also have enormous amounts of debt they owe to giant corporate financial institutions. People today became prisoners of their own lives.

The entire society is brainwashed. We’re told we must dedicate our entire lives to work and then start living when we retire. Do you realize that we pass our lives pouring money into corporate securities and institutions? That’s truly sad!

xgvbdfAlways keep in mind one thing – All of this tech we “enjoy” today is going to be the heaviest chain of all so far.

Why wouldn’t you challenge yourself and try living without any technology? Try it for even a day and see how addicted you are.

Realizing the problem is half of the solution…


”And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.”


Would you like all technology to disappear forever?

How would that change us?

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