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Why are more and more celebrities committing suicide?

When it comes to suicide, people must understand how celebrities are people too. Yes, they also commit suicide. The question is-why famous people commit suicide more than the others, statistically? It is also well known how creative people and CEOs commit it more than the others. If you have wondered what would be an answer to this question, continue reading.

We tend to idealize some celebrities we like thinking about how they live lives without any problem. It seems like a dream life, right? We cannot even imagine them paying bills, worrying about every day’s problems like thinking about preparing dinner or having enough money for the dentist. All in all, it is impossible for someone to be depressed when they are so famous and loved, right? Well, that’s not the truth.

dadLet’s say that some band singer has committed suicide (which happens a lot lately). Why? Let’s just think for a moment how does his or her’s life look like (in our heads). They party a lot, they have a lot of money, they are loved among many people and so on. All that glamour cannot be connected with depression. Or can it?

The truth is, we don’t see the whole picture. What they are showing us about those people is just some fake image because that fake image brings money! That is all. Of course, the truth is how those people usually have a lot of money and free time. Many of us would be happy that way. You know how that goes, you are able to travel anywhere you like, not to think about paying bills, food etc. As said-for countless people that would be more than enough for leading a happy life.

What happens with celebrities is that they have huge pressure on themselves. Many of them are not free at all. And what do I mean by saying how they are not free? Well, they are not able to live their lives in a way they would like to sometimes. They have their roles, for which they are famous. That is exactly a reason why such people are highly depressed.

We can add some ‘modern diseases’ here, like sexually transmitted diseases, which many of them get because of their risky behaviors. A high percentage of famous people or creative people get addicted to some kind of drug. Also, many of them use alcohol on a daily basis.

Celebrities are sometimes not able to achieve what they should so they are doing everything to complete some ”world tasks”. So, first of all, they don’t lead healthy lifestyles. Such lifestyle can bring them a lot of diseases, so many of them are committing suicide because ”it is better to disappear than to fade”. They are not able to get embarrassed, they must be remembered as legends.

How silly that actually is… Yet, when you just think about the past, you will realize how this is repeating constantly.

fsdfAlways keep in mind one thing-just because someone is famous, rich, or you name it, that doesn’t mean how that person is not unhappy. Happiness is not about money and fame. It is a state of mind.

How do you react when you hear that a celebrity committed a suicide?

Can people understand how powerful depression is at all?

Do you know someone who is depressed?

Have you tried to help them?

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