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Kylie Jenner Donates $1M to Australia Relief Effort after Fur Slippers Instagram Post

Unfortunately, everyone was able to hear that deadly fires in Australia have already taken the lives of even more than half a billion of different sorts of animals. It seems like how the celebrities have also been affected by their actions ‘secretly’ related to disrespecting the lives of those animals…

The Kylie Cosmetics were a ‘hot topic’ these days because Jenner has worn mink fur slippers and proudly put a photo of those on her social media account.

afAfter that Instagram post, countless speculations have been made about Jenner claiming how she doesn’t have a soul, but what happened later may completely shock you…

This lady has decided to donate $1M to Australia Relief Effort with a purpose to save as many animal’s lives as possible. People claim how that came after she has faced backlash because of her Instagram post and mink fur slippers. She has worn those Louis Vuitton fur slippers right after she has been talking about saving animals in Australia through her Instagram stories, so people called her a hypocrite.

Kylie claimed how that wasn’t a reason why she donated so much money to the Austalia Relief Effort and claimed how she intended to do that anyway. She also added that her Instagram post was completely unintentional, and how some people are actually trying to catch her make any mistake.

Yet, people saw what they saw and came to their own conclusions. It seems like how everyone is sick and tired of rich and famous people who have double-standards, or that’s at least what they have been talking about Kylie Jenner, but also about Kim Kardashian.

By donating $1M to help Australia, Kylie believes that she has also ‘woken up’ other celebrities to do the same. For example, Pink, Celeste Barber, Chris Hemsworth, and even Nicole Kidman has followed her steps and did the same to stop Australian deadly fires.

But the problem here isn’t only with the animals. There have been more than 25 people who have died because of fires as well.

If you ask me for my personal opinion, I must admit how it seems to me that celebrities are using such horrible situations to make a better picture of themselves.

Okay, maybe I am wrong, but it is all a little bit too much staged to me… I am not even sure how someone can talk about their fur slippers while our planet is literally burning, but as I’ve already said, they are probably using every situation to point the attention to themselves.

asdMaybe this all is well-played by Kylie. She has got what she wanted. The attention. New story. She showed her good heart and so on…

If I am wrong about that, I am sorry Jenner, and I hope that you understand how your latest actions looked like. Anyways, I really hope that Australia will receive enough help to stop those devastating deadly fires.

Have you already realized by yourself that many celebrities try to advertise their own lives through some tragedies? I know my speech may sound hateful, but I actually think it’s completely realistic.

What is your personal opinion about this whole situation?

Do you also think that is it all ‘staged’?

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