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Alien Are Here – More Are Coming!

The media has been talking about aliens for the past 60 years, but it seems now how that topic is very interesting to them once again. A coincidence? Let me tell you one thing – The Alien Agenda Is The Next Scare Tactic!

To be completely clear, I don’t believe in aliens, but I do believe in demons and fallen angels. People, and especially the media, are representing demons and fallen angels as aliens.

vzcxzsWhat are the UFOs then? They are fallen angel technology. But keep in mind that fallen angels are nothing new. They are here and have been here since the BC days. They’ve also been mixed Among Us. So, yes, they’re here. Waiting…

GREAT Deception is coming! Everything is created with a purpose. All they want is the New World Order. But you know what? There’s only one order on this planet – God’s order.

Aliens here, aliens there… The truth is that they are planning something with all these light sightings in the sky. “Random” booms happening all the time? They are not as random as they seem… Aliens, or better-said DEMONS, are getting desperate. The Anti- Christ will show himself soon. Be prepared…

Yet, you shouldn’t be scared because LUCIFER’s time is ENDING. This is where the true deception begins. Just think about the fact that aliens haven’t even been introduced, yet we know exactly how they will present themselves. That says it all.

Our society has been brainwashed and prepared for this deception…

How much do you know about our true history? Here’s an interesting story I want to share with you. There was a big movement in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. It was called the “Spiritualist Movement”. People there were involved in the occult, like seances, summoning, satanism, witchcraft, and other teachings from the far east. It was all about opening up yourself to “beings”. Of course, they have used a lot of drugs there, fell in trances, etc. Can you guess whom they were summoning?

This movement seems to be a lot like the modern “New Age Movement” that also attempts to consult beings from other dimensions. Just think of Aleister Crowley and LAM for a moment.

When I’ve connected all that information, I also remembered that there was also a connection between those occultists and the inventors of the earliest forms of television. Interesting, right? They have created the first forms of programming and brainwashing people.

xcvxsfvThey have told us so many lies. They even teach us lies at schools. We were told who invented the light bulb, for example. Thomas Edison or possibly Nikola Tesla. But who invented the first electrical circuit? Shouldn’t there be a monumental recognition for such an incredible influence on modern times?

The technology is almost nothing more than weapons of mass distraction. It also turned out to be passive weapon that can harm us. You know what I am talking about. Examples are all around us – wireless transmissions, microwaves, and radiation from a simple PC monitor. There are also indoctrination weapons that teach the younger impressionable generations about “weakness” or “woke culture”. Destroying the family unit – that’s their mission. The Father of the lie is happy with that…

There seems to be a parallel trajectory of electrical tech with occultism and the degradation of our basic traditional human values.

I don’t mean to sound like a Luddite, but the most sinister leaps and bounds of mass surveillance and oppression are made simple and easy with this modern technology. They are trying to use it to dominate God.

But that won’t ever happen…


Do you follow the news related to aliens?

Can you feel that the end of the world we know is near?

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