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New Fashion Trend has Men Dressing in Skirts, Dress & 6 Inch Heels!

On the 10th August, roughly 2,500 runners set out on a streamy 2-mile trot through the French Quarter to raise money for 15 local non-profits. But instead of shorts and T-shirts, the female athletes wore flouncy cardinal-coloured cotton shifts, ruby-hued backless cocktail dresses, scarlet chiffon skirts, and cherry-toned tulle tutus. The male athletes also dressed similarly.

Is it for real? Well, unfortunately, it is.

The head-turning event is New Orleans’ 25th annual Red Dress Run, a tongue-in-cheek tradition that started in San Diego in 1987 and soon propagated in cities around the world. This yearly event is loved by locals and visitors alike and is unlike any other run in the world. The run is just the beginning of a day full of red dress goers having fun and partying, and yes, that means men and women rock a red dress all day long! After the run, thousands wearing red gather in the French Quarter to party into the night.

Are we running out of events? Why are such events even existing? I don’t get it. It’s clear that people are more fascinated with evil than good. Why can’t we understand simple logic? Men are born different for a reason. Men are protectors. Women are nurturers. Let’s keep it that way. Why play with this? But nowadays, this is truly getting out of control.

Men in bikini and using sanitary pads? Seriously, what is wrong with the world? Why are we playing with God’s creation? Satan got Adam and Eve to doubt the truth and goodness of God. Today, in this “gender revolution,” Satan is attempting to trick all of us into doubting something deeper: the very image of God.

sdfsfdsdfNo one can miss that there is a powerful cultural revolution happening around the nature of “gender,” and it seems to be taking place globally. One can hardly escape the news of it. No one wants to admit that a man in a dress makes them uncomfortable. Or two men kissing in public place. Or a woman in a suit. Or the Pride parade and where people dress up in kink – wear and strut around practically naked, it’s a sin festival basically. Let’s say, either this makes you uncomfortable (because you have the holy spirit in you), or it doesn’t (because you have the spirit of the world in you.) It’s weird and disgusting and an abomination.

Every man that wore a red dress should be ashamed! But that’s the thing, and they have no shame, no morals, no care, no critical thinking, no brains, and eventually no soul. A modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, nothing but a bunch of perverted demonic spawn – this is exactly why the world is going to hell! I am so tired of everyone sitting by saying nothing when everyone knows what’s going on. Keep being cattle people. It’s sick. It is so frustrating living in this day and age. We all live in a Satanic lunatic asylum, a truly repugnant madhouse. And what’s worse will come, rape will be considered legal, and people will literally do perverted things in front of everyone just like in Sodom and Gomorrah.

“Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires” (Romans 8:5)

Why can’t we understand that Satan loves turning everything upside down and back-ass-wards? We need to understand that Satan is a real being with real powers, and he also uses his powers. We should also understand his intentions and overall goal. As a master of persuasion, Satan easily deceives mankind into focusing on anything but God. Through hundreds of corrupt religions he has over the ages convinced billions of people to worship the sun, moon and stars, animals, nature, deceased ancestors, imaginary gods and goddesses, and a bewildering variety of other things—or nothing at all. And now he is playing with God’s creation. Just imagine, if this is where we are now, then what is next? What’s next?

sdfvsdfSatan has effectively deceived the world throughout history by influencing human beings to cut themselves off from God’s guidance. This is sick, and there’s no stopping them. We can’t, but God will, and these people are the ones that need God the most! Remember, God gave us the Holy Bible for a reason.

These are truly disturbing developments for our society and future generations. I’m glad that there are still masculine men out there that oppose this nonsense.

But all Christians must recognize what is really going on here. We need Godly men, not men in heels and dresses!! Wake up!

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