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Is It Effective to Censor Parts of the Media?

Censorship is the editing or deletion of speech, writing, photographs, or other forms of information based on the opinion that the material is subversive, obscene, and pornographic. Both governments and private organizations may engage in censorship for stated reasons such as national security, preventing hate speech, protecting children and other protected groups, restricting political or…

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Celebrities Explain How Going Vegan Can Help You Feel Flush

Veganism has continually grown in popularity over the years and plant-based diets are fast becoming mainstream. According to, about 6% of U.S. consumers are vegan as of 2022. If you’re considering giving this diet a try, our previous article on ‘How to Turn Into A Vegetarian/Vegan?’ gave some great tips on transforming meals and exploring plant-based foods.…

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The Oscars Slap

The entire world is talking about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, but we have created a timeline representing how everything actually happened. I believe that there's no person in this society who hasn't heard about Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars, but not everyone surely knows why this incident happened. It's true that…

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