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Do we Really Need 5G to Survive?

What do we need to survive? Air, water, food, shelter, and sleep! Wait, there’s one more thing in the list, Internet! First, let’s understand the difference between living and surviving, yeah you can survive without the Internet, but it won’t be a better idea for the world to just survive in this technologically advanced world. You can live without air for two minutes, two hours without shelter, two days without water and two weeks without food, but how long can you survive without the Internet? Of course, you can literally survive without these technologies, but you can’t help it ‒ you need them. Can you see the world they are creating?

zddafAt the start, there was a 2G phone network for calls and texting. Then came the 3G network. When 4G was released, we literally made the internet part of our life and counted the Internet as a must thing to survive. Now, there’s the talk of 5G everywhere which makes everything better, faster, and more accessible. But the question is, do we really need 5G?

First let’s see, what makes 5G different? 

5G, the latest generation of mobile communication, will employ higher frequencies and bandwidth, enabling users to transfer wireless data faster than older cell phone standards. Previous ‘G’ networks have used frequencies between 700 MHz and 6 GHz. The 5G network will operate on frequencies between 28 and 100 GHz. To put that into perspective: 4G is ten times faster than 3G. It is expected that 5G will be around 1,000 times faster than 4G. But do we really need 5G to survive?

5G is an untested application of a technology that we know is harmful. At least on paper, everything about 5G makes sense. But we know, It’s a CIA military weapon, produced as a means of mind control to stop people from united protest and to cause physical and mental illness. We have to accept that the higher the G rating, as in 1G, 2G, 3G, etc., the more toxic this technology is. Some researchers argue exposure of young children to emitting devices is much more damaging due to their smaller skulls and skull thickness and the increased exposure to their brains. We are now entering uncharted territory known as 5G.

We are witnessing the digitization of society. Predicting a world full of driverless cars steered by artificial intelligence, robot doctors checking your symptoms via your watch and internet-enabled contact lenses that will provide real-time fact checks on everything. By the year 2020 the telecom industry intends to cover America with over 2 millions of these “small cells” installed on every lamp post, on buildings, power poles, basically, everywhere, giving no person, bug, or animal a place to escape. Activists, researchers, and health professionals alike have concern for the high-frequency millimetre radio signals that 5G uses. The wireless towers will turn the planet into something like a giant microwave oven.

Despite the push to quickly open 5G networks around the world, small groups in some European and U.S. cities have recently called for bans or delays pending research into the potential health impacts of the new cellular technologies. Individual cities and states are blocking it, not whole countries. Brussels said no, and Switzerland’s government is monitoring the effect of 5G closely, and its Canton of Vaud announced it would temporarily freeze permits to install new 5G transmitters.

asfIf you’re an environmentalist, don’t fool yourself. This technology is the antithesis of “green.” Any “environmentalist” or environmental organization that says differently should not be trusted.

5G will change everything. Cell phones will not require batteries as free energy will be provided via Tesla Technology. Sensors will be everywhere, even at places you don’t want to think. When you go to the toilet, the toilet will analyse your bodily fluids and tell you if you have a cancer colony developing ten years before you would ever get a tumour. Libraries will provide digital immortality. Instead of a biography by a writer, they may carry an interactive image of, say, Winston Churchill answering questions and chatting about his life. All money will be digital. That means that those of us who refuse to own a cell phone will not be able to buy or sell. That may be the beginning of the mark of the beast.

The President promoting 5G in a press conference should have caused mass push-back by a concerned nation. He Tweeted a while back about it. Well, he must know this stuff is going to interfere with thought, free will, concentration, privacy, and cause a myriad of physical health problems. Is the President serious, or is he forcing a discussion so we can put this topic and plan to bed? I hope it’s the second option. Otherwise, he will be responsible for making us all into human popcorn.

Haven’t we learned already? Have we forgotten the lies that we heard from officials regarding asbestos, cigarettes, and lead, to name a few? It’s not like I am against technology and the new world. I do love technology as much as any other guy, but is it worth risking our health and life?

Do we even need 5G at all? What do you think?

What is more important for you, technology or health?

Ask yourself again, do you really need 5G to survive? Is 5G a must? Talk to us in the comments below.

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