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Smart chips’ Or Mark of the Beast

Who has control of the nations worldwide? Have you ever thought about that? Or do you think how it is some ”story” people shouldn’t believe in?

Well, continue reading and prove your beliefs or reassess them.

It is believed how more than 40,000 people have smart chips all around the globe. Is that the truth? If it is, how far this world went?

You must admit how the Bible is actually right about all its predictions. The mark of the beast is definitely coming. The problem is how people are completely not aware of the danger at all!

asdPeople don’t tend to think about chips as something important and about something which completely changes our race. Yet, it totally steals the privacy and takes the whole control. So, yes, goodbye privacy, and welcome full control!

As I’ve already said, people don’t think about their actions seriously. Do they even know what are the consequences the chips bring? I don’t think so, and I guess that you think in the same way, because you are reading this.

No, you cannot trust what they tell you. You also cannot trust what they tell you not to do! They want to insert a chip to your body to make you a complete puppet or a robot! Yes, controlling your every step is their mission. Knowing what you do in every moment is their plan!

asfdvYou may think-”Why would they want to follow me?” But it is not about you, it is about mass control! When you take just a minute and think about it, you will realize how mass control cannot be done if everyone is not accepting it, or at least, the majority. This is exactly why they want to follow you! There is a much bigger plan behind this all…

The chip is also able to control your senses. Can you just imagine that to be real? Unfortunately, that is real already! And you may become the next victim that will experience that ”feeling”!

It’s playing out exactly as the bible speaks of in Revelations. They will take a mark on their right hand or “forehead” at least we can take comfort in knowing where we will be going. God bless.

You know that the Bible warned us not to take The Mark of The Beast (666). Why would you take it then? Because it is brought in some gift? Has it blinded your mind? I hope it didn’t. Or, I believe it didn’t because you are getting the information in the right place. It is still not too late to say no to The Mark of The Beast. And you know that very well… You must be brave and start feeling things again from your heart.

Can you believe how many employees in Europe and Japan think how getting a chip is cool? They are able to make their work ”easier” (just wave your hand-for keypad-fax machine-open door). Is that the price you will send your soul for?

The worst thing is definitely how people who will be not able to be tracked by implants in the future may be denied medical care. Just imagine how ridiculous that is! If we don’t stop this stupidity no one will do that instead of us!

Hosea 4:6

”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”

Are you ready to stand against this Satan’s work?

Can you even believe how people are accepting such things without even thinking about the consequences?

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