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Nigeria Blocks 73 + MILLION Smartphones For No Digital ID

In our society, one thing is certain – Anything forced cannot be good for you. Whenever they do something in such a manner, there must be something bigger hiding behind it. For anybody that doubts this warning just remember how school curricula are designed to prepare future taxpayers for the work environment. Before this, they prepared the poor for the military. Anybody with a child at school will realize that our kids are no longer able to buy lunch, books, school trips, or even a packet of crisps from the tuck shop with good old-fashioned cash. What’s the problem with the cash? The problem is that they cannot control how you earn it and how you spend it. And because we live in a 100% controlling world, they want to know not only how you have earned your money and how you spend it, but also what and where you spend it, what are your habits, do they like your habits, etc.

And now, we all must use a digital currency account such as Parentpay. When I asked the head: “Are we preparing our kids for a cashless future by any chance, even though they can still nip up the newsagents and use cash?” They ummed and arred and said: ” My kids also use it!”. So what? I should be satisfied with that answer? I am not happy if more people are using it – I don’t want them to agree to this controlling society!

I grew up without all of these phones, and everyone was very happy. People were actually living lives. But this generation will struggle without it. Last week my son’s friend was boasting and praising how he has everything smart in his house. There was no point even to mention the dangers because these young adults are comfortable with the technology. We should be in control of it not a phone controlling you. It blows my mind that the average person doesn’t think anything is wrong. Especially here in the US.

“Well, at least we have it better here than there”. So naive. No, nothing is done for your good, but for theirs. Society doesn’t want to make your life easier, they want to make everything easier for them! Losing your phone nowadays means you lose access to your paycheck, your bills, and your bank account. it essentially cuts you off from all connectivity that used to go thru mail – it’s just too much.

What are these phone companies gonna do without all that money? Per Federal Law, must have a Digital I.D. In Austria, they have had a similar registration obligation for all sim cards since 2019! In Guatemala, the government did the same to prevent extortion. However, this crime is still going on, and nothing changed. In Vienna, they’re just beginning with a project for the social credit system, also in Bavaria and Italy! The deadline in Kenya was April too. The turnout was bad so they extended the exercise by 6 months to October.

My friend got a new phone number recently. She bought an Ipad but could not verify her Apple ID because it was connected to the old phone number. Apple made her wait 3 weeks to verify her new number. Basically locked out of her Ipad for changing her number. I always say technology can either be used to enhance or enslave. I believe the days of people who don’t comply with this tyranny are over. For one I am definitely looking forward to it and have prepared both physically and mentally!

What is your opinion about this topic?

Do you realize that smartphones are taken too seriously?

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