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The Race War Has Started

We can all clearly see that things are changing for the worse in our society. I remember myself hearing numerous people talking about the end of the world and tragedies happening in the near future just a few years ago, and now – here we are!

The war between law enforcement and black Americans has intensified overnight. Can you believe that now is the deadliest year in law enforcement history since 9/11? Unfortunately, that’s the truth.

But what we are doing to ourselves with almost fanatical zeal? It will lead to self-destruction… American culture will ultimately cancel itself out, Americans will reap what it sows…

Then, will it be? Will you show mercy, understanding, forgiveness, and redemption? Or will you sow ruthlessness?

Many experts claim that there are two countries that are running to their end, and those are America and China. We can all see how both of them have let their people suffer through hard times. They cared about money only. They tried to control people completely. They made all morals vanish!

fghgrtfhThere is no forgiveness & no redemption in the cancel culture! One wrong move, you will be disqualified for life.

When God says you will reap what you sow he means you will live with the results of your actions. Would you like to live in such actions as people nowadays make? I don’t think so. Hell is real, and it is happening every single day in this society. Demons are walking these streets setting everything that has a value on fire.

Everybody is blaming somebody today. We are living in such a demonic time, day, and age. It’s a really dangerous time for people of faith not to know our God!

And when it comes to America, I am truly sad to admit how I feel about it. I never wanted it to end that way, but evil people knew how it will end. They did what they did. They made so many wrong moves. They pitty nothing, only themselves.

This county is such a joke, all set up and played out by Satan and his puppets. It’s always been this way, just getting worse. Children who have just started growing up can see that everything is wrong now with their own pair of eyes. If you look, you’ll see – all are gone, nothing here…

Thinking there awake truly aren’t until they realize their entire being, their beliefs, their knowledge is all taught to them by the MAINSTREAM Collective. It’s all illusions, boundaries, shackles… It’s told by the murderers, pedophiles, Satanists, thieves…

Enslavements – keeping us from creating our own realities for ourselves of our wills, keeping us from living our dreams the ambitions of our will – instead, we live the will of a mass of a few select that have laid it out. They steal, they kill, they take every single of the atom of morals from everything! Their children live a happy life, how does your child live? How do you live? Not nearly that comfortable, right?

Our forefathers left England and forged America to get away from slavery and this Satanist elite only for their children’s children to turn right back to these illusions and enslavements. Can you hear it by yourself? Just try and listen carefully… And yes, you’ll hear that our ancestors are weeping in there afterlives at what we have become.

Our country has been at a standstill for decades now because education and land are controlled by the government and people who do nothing…  American culture would see the largest progressive increase in productivity in human history…

We must forget these chains called law, these chains called the paper or electronic signature, we must forget these illusions we live if we are ever to grow as whole humanity. Be sure to always keep that in mind.

When we all realize our enslavement there is no going back – only then, we will be able to realize that we are looking for happiness –  but can’t find it. Looking for freedom – but can’t find it. Looking for our dreams – but can’t achieve them because we have lost our individuality, in the first place.

Unfortunately, there are countless people who have also forgotten to think for themselves and to think about themselves. They just continue running around while being told what to do, think, or feel. This is worse than some horror movie…

Just take a minute to really think how our everyday life looks like. It’s all mainstream now – their plans. They are easily doing it and achieving all they want just because people say ‘yes’ to that. Social media, for example. People let the Government follow them that way. They can use such information at every single moment and manipulate all.

fdhgrthAnd also, this Hollywood Glitterati and the Banking Illuminati, for whom do they work? They want to take everything away from you. Aron Russo said The IRS is a money confiscation racket. They want to take away your money, guns, rights, health, sanity, morality, properties, faith in God, normal love, and truth. As George Carlin said, they want it all from you and they will eventually get it.

We’re awake, but sadly there’s still too many that remain deeply enchanted by their magical spells.

We’re living in an important chapter of future history books. These peaceful protests were hijacked by criminals and terrorists. There are proper ways to protest and prove your point, but to wreck and cause chaos is not it. People were actually using someone’s death to steal from stores that people work hard to build.

If we continue spreading evil by taking revenge, nothing better could be achieved. But if we would stand altogether for our rights, in a peaceful and human manner – everything would change.

”An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Do you think that these times are of crucial value for human history?

How will the things change?

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