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People don’t take suicidal symptoms and signs seriously

You know how that usually goes with suicide – everyone just hears news about someone who has committed it, and they usually say how no one knows why has that certain person decided to end their life. Is that the truth? Well, it usually isn’t, because people don’t want to take suicidal signs seriously, they just don’t believe in those…

For example, you may hear someone you know saying how they are sick and tired of this world, and how they want to commit suicide, but you will probably think that they are just joking. Why? Because people believe how no one they know will really commit suicide. They think how that happens always ”to someone else”, and ”never” to someone they know…

So, you hear some news about celebrities who have committed suicide, and you are shocked. You think why would they commit it? You believed that they have had everything in life…

zfcdBut, do you even know how to recognize alarming signs which barely anyone thinks about when it comes to suicide? Continue reading to learn what you need to know about is so you can maybe help someone save their life…

Giving away their things. People who plan to commit suicide often give their precious things to other people. They just want to get rid of all those material things that matter to them, but they give those to someone they like or to just random people. So, pay attention to such behavior. Suicidal people in this phase may even behave happy and very calm.

They have always been depressed. Let’s get back to the beginning of this article. I have told you how everyone is surprised when someone commits suicide even when that person was depressed their entire life. But, wasn’t that their normal state? No, no one’s normal state is depression. So, such people may just get tired of it all and then they just decide to end their life. Talk to your depressed friend. Be sure to take care of them.

Sudden loss of interest in everything. This has actually happened to me. After the death of my first son, within a year, I became so indifferent literally nothing interested me anymore. I have realized that nothing brings me happiness and how everything is actually boring. Lunch at the restaurant? No way, I don’t have the energy for that. And besides tiredness, why would I even leave my home? Nothing good waits for me there… The problem? Indifference. I wasn’t living. I was just letting my life pass by. If you know someone who has suddenly lost interest in everything, be sure to talk with them about their emotions and problems.

zxvsdvIt’s still a tabu. Definitely, suicide topics are a huge tabu. Why? Because people are always afraid to talk about death. Many people also feel ashamed to admit that they have some mental problems. The society is definitely the one to blame for that. You know how that goes, those who are depressed are often marginalized, like you have to be a ”winner” in our so-called modern world. Even parents don’t talk with their children about suicide because they also believe how that cannot happen to them! Society thinks suicide is only for very disturbed people, and that is definitely not the case.

Do you have to say something else to complete my list?

What is the biggest reason for committing suicide?

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