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Public health emergency in New York due to measles vaccines

It seems like how strange things are happening in Brooklyn. The measles outbreak is making confusions in New York. A public health emergency is claimed because they are trying to make people take the measles vaccine in 3 towns in Brooklyn. The truth is, it is not just about New York City, it is about a large number of people. They are literally targeting a lot of Jewish communities thinking how no one will make a proper response to that.

sdfsdfYet, people see what is going on here and they don’t want some poison to be put in their children’s bodies. Also, so many doctors are against this forced vaccination thing as well. But society is telling us how they are doing this because of those with weak immune systems, so we won’t make them harm. Do you see how they want us to feel? They want us to feel guilty when we don’t want to be vaccinated.

Of course, the media is, as always, making people frightened with their news. Never trust them! Their only mission is to make you feel scared because you can be easily controlled that way.

The population of New York City counts 9,600,000 people and there are 300 cases in this city! So, they are trying to make a huge thing while talking about those 300 cases while they have 1,000,000 children who need to receive some other medical help as soon as that is possible? This is complete nonsense. They are not doing what they should, but they are doing what they want with a purpose to get full control over us all.

This is definitely propaganda building up to mandatory assault. Honestly, I would just pay the 1k and not get vaccinated. Now we cannot even make a decision if they will put a needle in our body? It seems like how we cannot, while women are being allowed to make a decision if their baby will live or die when being pregnant. Do you realize how silly this all is?

Forcing people to inject themselves with the un-tested vaccines? What an amazing idea! This is nothing else but a corrupted result of the modernist corpocratic interest of the few.

But, have you asked yourself-Why is this all happening now? All of a sudden we have measles everywhere? Has the virus maybe mutated because of vaccines? The truth is, everyone can get measles. Even if you are vaccinated. So, it seems like how they haven’t created a good lie, at least for us who think with our brains.

And their fines for those who don’t want to get vaccinated? You know what will that bring to our society. People who are poor will have no other choice than to take this garbage into their body.

Just a quick reminder if you have forgotten-the story about the CDC employee who was found in the river dead the last year….No one talks about that anymore at all!

But when you just think for a few moments about these vaccines, you will realize how they are giving those for free? Since when the Government thought about our health? Nothing was ever free! Since now?

Keep this in mind:

  • This vaccine has not been tested for mutagenic potential!
  • This vaccine has not been tested for carcinogenic potential!
  • This vaccine has not been tested for impairment of fertility!

This is your defense!

sfsdfBill Gates said they wanted to reduce the population up to 15% through vaccines! The smartest man on Earth claims that!

Measles can act differently in different organisms. Most people get ear infections, diarrhea or pneumonia. Some say how measles can cause you brain damage. The media definitely made this story as one huge horror so people get afraid and take this vaccine.

What is their intention with this vaccine?

Do they want to reduce the population as Bill Gates claim?

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