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STEPS Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube ARE TAKING TO SILENCE US NOW

Sick and tired of hearing or reading numerous fake misinformation about vaccines? Did you know that the Internet also doesn’t want you to find the real truth about those? Even some of the most popular platforms (not surprising) have their own algorithms which function in a way where they help the Government keep the truth far away from you. For example, groups that promote vaccine misinformation wouldn’t show up in the list that Facebook recommends the user to join.

There’s a combination of approaches being considered to handle misinformation. Yet, approaches could not take off misinformation but can only make it less prominent.

When it comes to Facebook, it will make sure that some post containing vaccine misinformation would appear further down in the user’s newsfeed.

afafdadfAnd then there are those stories about people getting sick because the others aren’t vaccinated and the opposite. But think about it for a moment – how could someone that is vaccinated get sick from someone who isn’t vaccinated?  How does a kid who’s vaccinated get sick from a kid who isn’t vaccinated? Isn’t that why the vaccinated kid is vaccinated in the first place?

The problem with the media is that it shows you only Government sites. For example, enter V-word in the Facebook search bar. What will you get? First four links will be WHO, AMA, CDC, and Pro-vaxxers, all known as Government sites.

I absolutely love how they are selling soft-censorship as okay because it’s not overt-censorship. Last week California removed a parent’s right to refuse vaccination based on medical grounds.

The side that seeks to censor the other is the one engaged in propaganda because it reveals the bankruptcy of that side’s arguments. The Antivaccine side isn’t trying to push down anyone’s opinions or silence anyone’s voice.

It seems like how they are afraid of children dying unless they are still in the womb! Think about that for a moment…

The government has no right to tell us what goes into our bodies when they push and condone abortions. It seems like how ‘your body – your choice’ isn’t suitable for this story.

Unfortunately, I know many children who have been vaccinated and many of them are suffering from different sorts of autism (in the first place). And then I know those who haven’t been vaccinated, and guess what? They are completely healthy! If you know someone with the same or similar story, feel free to share that in the comment section.

Here we go, the ‘children are dying’ shop. Children ARE dying and they get brain-damaged from the vaccines! It’s just plain silly how they complain about “anti-vaxxer propaganda” while pushing their own propaganda. That all may only lead you to one conclusion – We live in the Idiocracy.

At some point, you cannot think of anything else than how they have made a conclusion about us. They believe we are completely dumb.

If you eat a healthy diet then you can expect you gonna be healthy, you simply don’t need vaccines. All that you have to do is to just take care of yourself, eat organic, stop eating fast food, donuts, coke, and all their poisonous food. You just have to read and research food labels.

This is getting crazy with all of the censorship that’s going on in this world. I think they are getting desperate now to tie up all the loose ends.

It’s our life and children. Apparently that has been forgotten. It’s a sad season for America – My son’s doctor doesn’t Vaccinate his children. So he won’t be vaccinating MY SON… PERIOD. If the people that make these shots don’t take them, or give them to their children, why should anyone else?

Don’t forget what Bill Gates was saying about these vaccines, how we could LOWER the global population by forcing them! What that may be if not just pure evil? Be sure to check what he said in this video – .

The number of children with autism is sky high and most people think this is normal. They will just blame our ‘modern society’. They’ll try to find out why that happened, but they will never admit it is because of vaccines. I always respected the choice of my mother for not vaccinating me, but now I really get it and I’m happy she didn’t do it. I think for myself & don’t need mainstream news or Facebook to TELL me what to think – how can a vaccinated child gets sick from a non-vac child?

dadfafdWhat happened to Mad Cow disease? Bird flu? It’s not because of vaccines.

Bill Gates said that if we’re successful with the vaccinations by 2025, we can have the population down to a manageable rate.


I hope you have your personal opinion on this topic, so feel free to share it with us.

What do you think about the speech of Bill Gates?

What is the core mission of the government?

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