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How much money do women spend on beauty globally?

Since the beginning of our society, people have different habits when it comes to making themselves pretty. Of course, in the ancient times nothing was the same as it is today, yet, one thing is clear – women have always tried everything in their power to improve their appearance and make themselves more desirable.

However, it seems like how it all went on a whole new level in our so-called modern society. And of course, the beauty industry has found countless ways to trick women into creating different needs for numerous (and often even ridiculous) beauty products and services.

Have you ever wondered how much money women really spend on beauty globally? Continue reading because I will reveal to you some shocking statistics in this article.

adadfAmount of money that is spent on beauty products around the world is in the range from 380 to even 393 billion dollars! Yes, you read that right. That exactly shows how much the beauty industry is strong nowadays. I believe how it will become even stronger because you have probably realized that younger generations are obsessed with beauty more than ever before. It seems like how nothing is good enough. Everyone has to be ‘perfect’.

When it comes to the average woman, she will spend about $17,300 during her lifetime on beauty products. I must admit how such a shocking number makes me think about my spending habits for a bit.

For example, on lipsticks, women will spend approximately $1,840. And if you are a lady, you know how that goes. You constantly have a need to expand your lip color collection. But when is enough? How much is too much for you?

‘Pretty eyes’ are even more expensive, so women spend $3,860 on mascara. Yet, your makeup look isn’t complete with just mascara, right? You also need an eyeshadow. Ladies spend $2,000 on this type of makeup.

There is another thing that has caught my eye. Women tend to consider shopping as having fun. Have you realized that? I have realized it by myself. You probably know how that goes – you meet your best friend, you go for a walk, you need to buy something…

That’s exactly how that goes. But that’s ‘just one’ new lipstick, right? What’s wrong with that? There is nothing wrong with that except if you already have like hundreds of the same shades of it.

Would you believe if I tell you that women spend $51 on average on just one shopping trip? Is that a little bit too much? It definitely is.

Overall, it is completely clear that the beauty industry is so strong and it is definitely one of the richest fields in the world nowadays. As I’ve already said, I believe how the next generations will spend even more money on beauty products.

afaasWhen you add some other beauty treatments and even some plastic surgeries to this list, you can easily come to a conclusion about how women made beauty industry a billionaire!

What is your personal opinion about this topic?

If you are a lady, think about how much do you spend on beauty products?

Do you think of shopping as one of the best ways to have fun?

Do you buy things you don’t need because you think those will make you happy?

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