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How to end a bad date?

How do you get out of a bad date without being a total jerk?

Hands up if you’ve experienced this. You go through all the bullshit of finding someone who doesn’t immediately repulse you, you spend the entire day before the date feeling like your stomach is going to fall out of your arse, and then… five minutes after you greet with an awkward hug-kiss-handshake combo, you realize they’re a total nightmare. Or maybe just incredibly wrong for you.

Bad dates happen, but it’s imperative that you do not find yourself in a habit of devoting a lot of time to them, even if you’re genuinely concerned about your date’s feelings. Not only does this waste your time, but it can also put you in dangerous situations, especially if you already struggle with saying no.

Wait, you don’t have to feel bad if you feel disappointed that your date didn’t meet your expectations. You can still end a bad date in a classy way. Here are a few ways to do so. Check it out!

Make it short, and go in with an exit plan: You don’t have to invest a lot of time or commitment for the first meeting. This person is a stranger, so you don’t know if they’re emotionally stable. If a guy asks

Have only one drink: You may really want that second glass of wine, but having a second round can signal to a guy that you’re enjoying his company. If you are 100% sure that you don’t want to see him again, have only one. If you’re a sensitive person, you may have to challenge your beliefs that if you only have one drink, the date will be too short. Nurse your drink or tell him that you’re not a big drinker or still have work or something to do when you get home and don’t want to be tipsy.

Pay for your own drink: This can also send the message that you’re not interested, a sign that you clearly want things to be separate moving forward. Unless the guy was a total jerk, and you need to leave immediately, try to pay for your half to make it clear that no one “owes” anyone anything.

Be honest: Instead of using an excuse, be honest and say it was nice meeting him, but you’re ready to call it a night. Depending on the situation, you may want to tell him why. If he seems emotionally stable but can’t stop talking about his ex, for instance, you can let him know that he wasted your time because it’s clear he’s not over her yet.

Excuse yourself to the restroom: If you’re worried about being rude, chances are you’re not going to be checking your phone on the date. Excuse yourself to the restroom, and when you come back, say that you just got a call from your friend that she needs some help and you need to be with her. it’s always a good idea to have a friend ready at the end of the phone who you can message quickly to get you out of any tricky situations.

Don’t discuss future plans: Sometimes it’s automatic to say “See you again” or “See you later” at the end of a goodbye. If you have no plans to see him again, say something like, “It was nice meeting you. Have a good night.” If he texts to ask you out on another date, be polite and say, “I had a nice time, but I don’t think we’re a match. Good luck.”

Life is short. Don’t waste your time buying watered-down drinks with someone you can’t stand!

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