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Kanye is a Born Again Christian, says Nicki Minaj

Kanye West shocked Hollywood when he donned a MAGA hat to support President Trump, and again, the rapper is surprising people saying, “He’s now a born-again Christian.”

Is this really happening? 

We all know about Kanye. You can even listen to this guy’s music. It’s so disgusting and filthy. Remember Kanye calls himself yeezus? Yes, the false teaching and false Christianity guy. He even has a bible called “The Book of Yeezus,” where he mocks God and also calls himself god. He has mocked Christ in his album covers, his concerts, and his music videos.

ssxcvHow can we forget that he is the same Kanye who is emulating the Church? Read more here –

It is a LIE!! 

It is a crystal clear lie. These celebrities are trying to merge Christianity with their false teachings cunningly. So now the artist is being exposed to Satanism, and suddenly they are becoming “Christian.” Like, really? Kanye And Justin are playing with God, and I pray they seek the true and living Christ.

The fact that he is married to one of the Kardashians clearly demonstrates how twisted his personal and social values are. You can’t promote ”God” while being in a relationship with Kim Kardashian. That’s like a white supremacist promoting tolerance. Yeah right, welcome to the great falling away. Kanye is simply Repenting. He sold his soul for a crappy deal. At least it came with a few toys like a happy meal. He knows it’s getting closer to the time for the devil to come to collect.

These people have been planted in the faith so that when they fall away, their “followers” can fall away with them. But I don’t understand why are people following such people anyway? Follow Jesus, only Jesus!

Could this be a shameless attempt by Kanye?

Of course, it is. We all know that he is the master of publicity, to broaden his audience, just like he did when he went to the Oval office saying he supported Trump. There is no way a Holy God can have touched you and promote unholy sexual images as flagrantly as he does.

I don’t know which is worse, humans not knowing what gender they want to be or these celebrities claiming to be of god when they aren’t. They surely can act Christian like around the cameras, but what about behind closed doors. People who do not know Christ will look at the celebrity and all of the riches, thinking that Christ is behind their blessings, but in all actuality, it’s the angel of light! They’re also mixing satanic messages into current day gospel.

Is this connected to Satan?

Sure it is, without a single doubt. The actions of celebrities are connected to Satan. Therefore GOD told us to be as wise as the SERPENT. DO NOT FALL FOR THE TRICKERY! Kanye West is a deceiver because all of this could be an image thing for his new album to sell records. And then he will go back into his old ways again. These false prophets/idols won’t be able to deceive those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Bieber and Kanye are preaching another Christ and misleading a lot of people.

Actual humble Christians have been condemned publicly for over a decade, and none of these celebrities spoke out in their defence. This is just sensationalism until the next cool thing comes along.

According to Nicki Minaj, Kanye is a born again Christian. We are not passing judgment on West or Bieber. God can use anyone, especially those the world perceives as flawed. But we know any celebrity in the entertainment industry who really becomes a Christian will not remain a celebrity. This is a “feel good” ministry, nothing to do with God.

For those of you who think Kanye or the Kardashians are the creams of this world, think again. True faith is not about the riches gained in this world. It is about gaining True Faith in the Creator of all. We live in a world where people worship and idolised these people because they are famous. But, we don’t have to listen to what Justin Bieber & Kanye West are saying. The God of Mercy have Mercy on them both – may they be confronted with the true Messiah, the True Holy God.

Don’t be surprised about these demon doctrines of celebrities using music as a medium to get their message. Keep in mind Satan dresses as an angel of light.

Wakeup call!

Hold tight, pray for each other. Things are about to get real. No man on Earth is your leader. Only God Almighty is your leader, believe that. Don’t be fooled and keep a watchful eye for the time for the return of his precious son. We are in the last seconds of the last hour, and the enemy is working overtime to destroy souls. Also, these celebrities are puppets, so they have to do what they’re told, so you best believe this is a part of their plan. They have given their lives to Satan and have fooled the world. Their lifestyle and actions show that they are not true believers. Don’t let the blind lead the blind!

afsdYou’re God’s child, so ask God to give you understanding and wisdom. Don’t be deceived thinking that all Christians are the same. Many have been changed in subtle ways. Be woke and seek the truth. You can’t be part of Mammon and God’s kingdom. You need to let God’s light shine through you. Buthow can you do that when you look and act like everyone else in this sinful world? Well, nothing new to those of us who are awakened. So it’s better to be awake.

It’s now or never!

John 2:19 2  Let no man deceive you by any means that day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us. But they went out, that it might become plain that they all are not of us.

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