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Is Kylie Jenner Dating musician Drake?

Jenner recently split from her boyfriend Travis Scott, with whom she shares 1-year-old daughter Stormi. The couple is walking away from their relationship. This has been a tremendous year for Kylie, being named the youngest billionaire, ending her friendship with Jordyn, and break up with Travis. According to sources, several issues made them decide to take a break. Kylie is all about family life and really wants a second baby. As per some news, she still has trust issues with Travis. He hasn’t been giving her the commitment that she needs. Travis isn’t ready to provide her with all that she wants and so they took a break from the relationship.

sdfwSo, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are both single again!

New romance alert?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott may not be broken up for long, but it seems like Kylie could already be moving on from Travis. Nothing is impossible when it comes to Hollywood romances since 22-year-old makeup mogul Kylie Jenner is now rumoured to be sparking a connection with 33-year-old musician Drake. As per the reports, something is happening between Kylie Jenner and Drake.

Kylie Jenner and Drake were an inseparable pair at the rapper’s birthday bash.

the Scorpion rapper threw a star-studded party on 31st Oct. at the West Hollywood club, Delilah, where he and Jenner allegedly hung out “all night.” Drake has a bumpy relationship with the Kardashian family throughout the years. He even performed at Kylie’s Sweet 16 back in 2013. Drake is developing a close relationship with Kris Jenner in the following months. He also attended the family’s Christmas Eve party in 2015.

Kylie was pretty inseparable from Drake at his birthday bash, although nothing overly romantic happened. She also reportedly took the opportunity to spend time with the birthday boy. During the rapper’s birthday party, Kylie and Drake allegedly appeared to be into each other, according to multiple outlets. One source said, “She spent the most time near Drake and his friends. Kylie was rapping to songs and dancing with her friends while she was next to Drake, but they weren’t dancing together. They seemed to have a connection, though.”

Drake was having a great time at his party, and He even brought his dad among his whole entourage. Kylie, and Rob [Kardashian] were there too. They went back and forth between the private bar area and the main area, and they were sitting together at points and hanging out all night. They had several tables designated to the party and were all there partying past 2 a.m. It looked flirty. At the end of the night, Drake had a SUV, and he left at the same time as Kylie.

wefAnother one said the vibe between them was good, and there was chemistry. They seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. They were joking around, and Kylie was laughing. She seemed to be really happy and in a great mood, and they seemed very comfortable with each other. There appeared to be an attraction there.

As of writing, neither of them has commented on the alleged outing. Though Drake is 11 years older than Kylie, and she’s used to dating older guys. Both Travis and her other ex, Tyga, are six and seven years older than her, respectively. However, sources specified it in a new report, claiming that Jenner and Drake were seriously flirty.

The dating rumours come less than a month after Kylie split from baby daddy Travis Scott, although the two are reportedly on good terms.

Would you love to see Kylie and Drake as a couple?

Do you think there are chances of patch up between Kylie and Travis? Talk to us in the comment box!

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