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What It Takes To Succeed In Business

In the not distant past businesses were able to succeed simply with salespeople having a knowledgeable understanding of their merchandise, some sensible previous personal charm (people skills) and ambition. But in today's terrorized world, advanced international economy, and intensely competitive business setting, salespeople from the tiny mom and pop to giant company giants in each market…

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12 most innovative nations in the world

Switzerland tops the list for the fourth consecutive year for its investments in innovation infrastructure and information and communication technologies (ICT), similarly to its extremely refined business atmosphere. These are qualities shared by all the highest 12 economies, with a shaping attribute being their "ecosystem" approach to innovation – all aspects of society are boosted…

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Samsung Deepfake AI could fabricate a video of you from a single picture – Amazing and terrifying!

Imagine using a black and white photo of your great grandparents to see what their facial expression looked like as they speak. That's the kind of trick current technology can actually make possible. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, companies only need a single picture to bring it to life, whether it's someone's photo or…

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