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Blinded by the screens and mass media

Have you noticed how the whole humanity has gone too far with ”the screens”? And by screens, I mean by watching TV, using the Internet all the time, looking at their phones for like 24/7 and being completely blinded by the mass media news and ”laws”! Yes, laws… They are literally telling you what to do, but just in a way, you will accept. You hear how something ”is trendy”, ”how something will make you pretty”, ”how you should behave” and so on…

fturhWhen you think for a moment, all of these entertainment conveniences, distractions, and discomforts, that go together with all of the commodities and services made with a purpose to ”create this world” are definitely nothing more than bribes perfectly planned and given to you by oppressors in order to completely control you and manipulate you in countless ways.

Do you think that you are free? You will never ever be free if you don’t free yourself of this control! The truth is how many people haven’t found other ways to achieve their needs. Nevertheless, you need to pause as soon as possible and ‘just’ look around.

You have probably forgotten with time how there is a completely different ecosystem than the one you live in, but you are actually living in it already-you are just not aware enough. You have lost sight of the fact that God by himself has provided you with absolutely everything you need in your life but you have lost your ability to determine between a need and a want for your carnality. Just remember that you have pulled yourself up to the fallen table and you have literally been fed from it as long as you can remember!

Are you ready to put down their bribes and pull yourself from their table once and for all? You know what is the right choice, just feel it in your heart! Trust God for your daily bread.

Are you ready for the greatest test in faith you will ever endure? Our world has definitely gone too far with all the ‘screens’, technology, mass media and you name it, as I have already talked a bit about that at the beginning of this article. Have you realized how we have forgotten the true values while searching for some, so-called, better lives?

You must take this seriously and start doing it right now. Why? Because the longer you wait, the things will just get worse and worse. You don’t want to be a puppet of this society. They will be able to control your whole life just from a device you are holding in your hand.

Take the Narrow Path and wake up. Take away their complete control over you! Soon, everyone will become chipped and that will have nothing to do with just buying and selling, you know that very well.

Nokia Lumia 900 Launches In Times Square - PerformanceHave you heard of dr. Joseph Delgado and his Pandora project? He is a pediatric specialist. Delgado knows that chips will be able to control our whole humanity, starting from the youngsters. Overall, their whole mission is to make you completely blind so they can control you in wanted ways.

Are you tired of this fake life full of mass media and screens?

Have you realized that people around you have changed, but not in a good way?

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