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Parenting tips every parent should know

I deeply believe how every parent wants the best for their child. Sometimes, it may not seem like that, but I somehow want to believe that everyone at least does the best they know…

I have a Bachelor’s degree in pedagogy and truly enjoy talking with parents about the development of their child.

Yet, there are some things that science cannot teach you about raising children, but can your inner sense and life experience.

These are the best parenting tips you can implement to raise a happy and healthy child:

You really need to listen… Parents believe how they listen to their children, but that’s most of the time, not the case. How? You need to listen to your child actively. Never interrupt them. Make eye contact. Don’t just wait for your turn to talk. If your child trusts you, they will never hide anything from you and you will finally truly know what is going on in their life. Therefore, if you really listen, you will have a chance to advise them properly, teach them about something, or just provide honest support.

Don’t try to be perfect. The truth is, children, learn by the model. They won’t listen so much to what you talk about, but they will definitely remember your actions. You must let them see you making mistakes. You shouldn’t try to be perfect all the time. Let them know you are vulnerable as well. Let them see you have made a mistake. In that case, your child will never have unreasonably high expectations from themselves. Children need to know that everyone is making mistakes, but also that they must learn something from that, fix the mistakes, and move on.

Gratitude. Teaching children to be grateful is definitely one of the most important things to do. Don’t just tell them how they have home, a bike, the dinner or you name it. Teach them to value everything in life. Show them how they should express gratitude because they are alive, they have eyes to see this world and ears to listen to amazing sounds around them. Express gratitude for this wonderful life and its wonders!

acvsBe friends with your children. Parents often forget to be friends with their children because they deeply believe how expressing authority is more important than that. Well, guess what? Sometimes it isn’t. If your child only shares with you some serious problems and talks about school or some other obligations and don’t share some fun moments of their life, you definitely must change your approach. If you have believed for so long how once you become a friend with your child you lose authority, please reassess your beliefs as soon as possible. Children will respect you even more if you sometimes act like their best friend!

Give them wings… And watch them fly. Always let your child develop in their own unique way. Parents sometimes tend to achieve their goals through their children, which is a big mistake. If your child doesn’t like sports, don’t force them to become a professional sports player. Understood? I know you did, you just needed a little reminder about it.

Which of these tips have you already implemented in your life?

Which one is the most important for raising a happy and healthy child?

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