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Types Of Breathing Exercises That Reduce Stress

The truth is, we are all overwhelmed with a lot of stress on a daily basis. Numerous people constantly worry both about big and small things, and it seems like how anxiety became our best friend or better said – the worst enemy…

If you are reading this then you are probably trying to find some natural ways to cope with stress. I am very happy that you have decided to do something about it! Chronic stress can definitely affect your life in so many negative ways, and it can also affect your physical and mental health.

But, we won’t let that happen, right? Let’s do something about it immediately!

These are the best and most proven breathing exercises that will finally make you feel relaxed:

stressDeep Breathing. When you just read these two words, it sounds so easy. But, how many of us are really breathing deeply? When you take shallow breaths from your chest, that means how you are just bringing more anxiety into your body. What you need are bigger and longer breaths coming from your stomach. That’s how babies breathe, remember? So, if babies breathe that way, it means how that is our natural way to breath! How to practice this breathing technique? Lay on your bed or sit on a sofa and get comfortable. Breathe through your nose, but be sure that your belly fills with enough air. Breathe out through your nose and put one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. That way you will be able to control if you are breathing properly. Be sure to repeat this technique for at least three times. This is the most important breathing exercises for reducing stress.

Meditation Breathing. For this one, you will need to picture something nice and relaxing in your mind. Imagine something that comforts you. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine that peaceful place and while you are breathing – focus on the air, imagine that it brings you peace and silence (because it actually does). Do it for approximately 15 times. You can also say some words out loud if you like. I would prefer:” I am in peace. I breathe in silence.”

Breathe In – Breathe Out. An amazing technique that will finally help you realize how long you breathe in and for how long you breathe out. That is really crucial for reducing stress and anxiety. Make yourself comfortable, breathe in through your nose, count to five, and then breathe out counting to five again. Repeat this exercise several times.

Relax Your Muscles. You cannot feel calm when your body feels upset, right? This exercise requires you to lay down. Picture in your mind the particular muscle on your body, starting from your legs. Breathe deeply and concentrate on the tension you feel. Imagine how the tension from your body is leaving with every deep breath you take. With this sort of mindful meditation, you will be able to mentally relax your muscles, and you will be surprised how the tension will really disappear this way.

The King Of The Jungle. Okay, to be completely honest this breathing exercise isn’t really called this way, but I’ve named it like that to be more interesting. You have to sit somewhere comfortably and breathe in through your nose as much air as you can. Of course, be sure that you breathe it into your stomach. When you feel that ‘there is no more space for air’, then start breathing out with mouth wide open and create that relaxing natural sound.

What do you think, when did people start breathing from their chests?

Which of these techniques will you try first?

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