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Labs Are Reporting 100% Positive Result – They are Trying To Scare Us!

2020 is a horrible year and we all agree on that. So many things happened and one of them is still part of our life. Yes, we are talking about the COVID-19. Every day they are trying to make it look worse.

Now they want to Scare us with numbers

They are using the wrong numbers to scare us. Countless labs have reported a 100 percent positivity rate, which means every single person tested was positive. Other labs had very high positivity rates.

For at least the past 11 days, the Florida Department of Health coronavirus report shows hundreds of laboratories are reporting 98% to 100% of COVID-19 tests are coming back positive. As per the DOH statistics, it’s because some private labs aren’t reporting their negative result at all.

Orlando Health reported a 98% positivity rate. Lee Memorial Hospital Lab, PanCare of Florida, Inc, and Advance Medical of Naples all reported 100 percent positivity rates. No negative results were included. Orlando Health sent 522 tests to a lab that returned 512 positive results, a 98% positivity rate. Orlando Health maintains when it asked the batch to be reprocessed, only 9.4 percent, less than 50, were actually positive. In another case, one testing site reported 83 tested people all returned positive results and another reported 88% positivity rate.

sdfsfgI know someone in Ohio that went to get tested and they turned a bunch of people around. A few days later that person who was never tested came positive for COVID. I saw a video on YT where a man was saying that his friend’s mother signed up online to get tested. When they got there, the line was too long so they came back home. The next day they were notified by email that they tested positive for COVID-19!

Joseph Fair and NBC were carting around from show to show and he was desperately ill and dying of COVID, and now he’s come out and said that he never actually tested positive in the dozens of tests that he took. They should all be lynched.

All labs are reporting numbers. Some labs are obviously reporting positives very, very quickly and then they put the negatives in the next day or maybe never so what does that mean?

These labs are not reporting the negatives, only reporting the positives, skewing these numbers, they’re messing with the truth. They’re not allowing information that allows Americans to manage their health and make the decisions that they need to make. And there are so many such labs.

Even though it’s public knowledge that fake results are being given to people, the zombies still can’t wake up. CDC website states the tests can have a false positive because it tests for all coronaviruses including the common cold. If you’ve had the flu or flu shot you would probably come up positive.


The Virus Thing is Getting Beyond Now

Walmart and Sam’s Club stores are making nation-wide rules for customers to wear face masks. The gyms in the country are asking to wear a mask. Can you believe it? I mean they are literally asking you to come and maintain your body wearing a mask. Exercising with a mask is a ridiculous thing. We see people wearing masks in their car.

We see a big number of deaths every day. But, do you know anyone who actually died because of this virus? And hey, the death because of the high blood pressure or any such reason does not count as a side effect of this virus. Why does the government include every death reason as a side effect of this virus?

Has anyone been diagnosed with the flu, cold, or other than COVID-19 this year? Now comes the biggest question – Is this even a verified virus? I bet anyone that has any symptoms of some sickness, no matter what, they are getting diagnosed with COVID. We literally do not know anything about this virus except that it’s planned. The impact economically is going to kill way more than the flu will ever. I am more concerned about an actual deadly virus like Ebola being released by Gates under the guide of “second wave corona” this fall/winter. I think this will ultimately fail like Russian collusion and any other fake news.

This whole COVID-19 is a Hoax. It’s not a Pandemic, it’s a Plandemic. It’s all about installing fear into the people so they rush without question to the first line to get the Mark of the Beast vaccine. I guess we all can say goodbye to the flu since apparently, it doesn’t exist anymore.




It’s high time to wake up, people! 

How long are we going to believe whatever they are representing infants of us?

They are making the world miserable and we are allowing them to do it. They are trying to keep people scared and willing to give up their freedom. This whole virus thing is fake this entire time and the problem is why can’t so many people see it? Right now, we all are behaving like zombies. It’s all about the Vaccines and experimenting with it on all of us.

Distraction, Deception, Delusion, and Depopulation is happening right in front of our eyes?

Why are we so surprised at where this world is heading?

Wide is the road that leads to destruction and many are on it… NARROW is the road that leads to LIFE AND FEW FIND IT. This speaks VOLUMES to me today! Sad as it is. But so true. Pray for the LOST SHEEPLE…THEY ARE BEING DECEIVED. Distractions, Deception, Delusion, Depopulation, and Destruction of America is happening RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES

Are we really going to be part of this?

Wake up, people before it’s too late!

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