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NASA says that the world should be Prepared for Visitors

They are coming! Are you ready? NASA’s prediction is definitely how we should be completely prepared for the visitors. Who are they? What do they want from us? Did NASA know about that a decade ago already? Continue reading and find out the answers to the most mysterious questions our humanity can ask itself! It definitely seems like how we are in a terrible mess… By 2020, according to NASA, we will be contacted by the aliens.

sdfsfdAlthough to many this sounds fun and exciting, we believe that aliens may be demonic creates which have no good intentions. Also, I would like to add how biblical theorist have already predicted the end of the world coming soon. What can we expect to see in 2020? Will aliens really come to destroy our race? How do they look like? Are they our creators? Many people believe how they have created us and let us improve to the highest levels we can. Some people also believe how they have put us on this planet as an experiment.

Yet, we all know how we came from God as the whole world did. But, there are countless theories people believe in. What will happen when they arrive? Will the war start? How would our planet make plans to join all nations and races together? We are already constantly in war with each other…

Maybe the aliens have been already watching us for so long. Maybe they have already tried to communicate with us, but we cannot hear them or understand their messages. You know how there have been countless movies made about this topic. Were those movies too created with a purpose to warn us?

Only time will tell. If they come to our planet, humanity will face some horrible changes. For our whole existence, we have been asking ourselves are we alone in the Universe or not. It seems like how NASA already knew. They knew for so long!

Have they been on Mars already?

What about the newest China’s traveling to the Moon? It is completely obvious how there are many ”powerful” people which already know the secrets we don’t. But, we are also not blind. They are not telling us everything. Why are they doing that? Maybe they fear we will be frightened and start anarchy.

sdfgsgfWho knows… But the truth is, they have already prepared themselves. If you ask me for my personal opinion, I may tell you that I believe how some of them already have their own shelters if the Armaggedon starts. They believe to be the chosen ones, but they are actually just people with a lot of money and power, nothing more than that. They are not better than us… Also, we must ask ourselves what will happen if the aliens are good and kind?

Although it is completely and almost impossible to believe in that, we must ask ourselves that question too. Maybe they know some secrets about the Universe we don’t. What if they bring us some new highest technology we aren’t even able to imagine it exists? As you can see, there are countless questions when it comes to this topic. Yet, the one is for sure. NASA is afraid too. So, we should feel the same way.

Do you believe that the aliens will visit us next year?

Did our human race do something wrong to the Universe?

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