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Was New York City Power Outage a Test run for a Future Event in the U.S.?

A blackout hit Manhattan on Saturday night. Leaving the city in darkness, the power outage stuck at 6:47 p.m. affecting most of Manhattan’s west side from 42nd Street to 72 Street. Thousands of people crowded the streets Saturday evening, using their cell phones as a flashlight while they tried to stay cool where temperatures hit the low 80s. Most theatres cancelled their performances. In restaurants and bars, people drank by the glow of their smartphones. People got stuck in trains and elevators.

sdfPeople crowded into the streets as light suddenly dimmed at Broadway shows and speakers fell silent at Jennifer Lopez’s concert. Even the flashing lights at the iconic Times Square went dark, leaving the area surrounded by the glow of cell phones taking photos of the surreal scene. The outage had a widespread effect on the New York subway system. The city’s fire department responded to numerous transformer fires and rescued people trapped in elevators and subway cars.

The case of the blackout is still under investigation. The outrage appears to have been caused by some kind of mechanical failure at the 49th Street substation. It is not clear yet why the failure happened. New York governor Andrew Cuomo said that an explosion and fire at the substation caused the problem. He also said that the outage was unacceptable and dangerous. But should we believe him?

The trains go out multiple times this week. People really do get stuck on trains in N.Y. for an hour or two. Anytime a train stops for a few minutes, everybody in the train started saying, “I hope we don’t get stuck for a couple of hours.” You see, people are literally scared.

When a city loses power like this in this day and age, you have to ask yourself how did city planners allow this vulnerability in the system? It’s easy to set up systems that reduce power outages to small areas at a time. The unfortunate part about all of this is 99% of the N.Y. population is just going to roll right on through this and think nothing of it at all whatsoever. Nobody confused about why or how these transformers are suddenly blowing up? Back to back? The same thing happened in Germany, Maryland (United States), and Argentina. A massive blackout left the whole country in the dark for hours. It is scary to think how easy it is to leave society helpless. How dependent we became in technology? It is definitely not a coincidence. Are they going to do it all around the world so they can increase panic and fear in people? We know that demons-aliens feed on negative energy too.

We’ve got blackouts, unexplainable explosions, military, private and commercial planes and choppers falling out of the sky, and entire cities computer systems being hacked for Crypto ransom. Also, free speech is being squashed! We can’t mention certain things on YouTube, television, social media platform without being struck or shutdown. This is nothing short of High Tech Sabotage & Warfare!! Who has the back door key to every operating system and computer in the USA and on earth?  If you’ve never heard of Talpiot, it is time to do some research now. Testing earthquakes are frequently happening in California and many other places.

Was this a test on how humanity will react to situations like this?

Why is this happening?

42,000 people left with no power on 42nd street on the 42nd anniversary of the great blackout in 1977 is definitely no coincidence.

dfForty-two is a number with a direct connection to the coming Antichrist. His evil efforts will last 42 months in the end time, and thus forty-two is firmly associated with him. “Then the angel gave me a measuring rod like a staff, saying, “Arise and measure the temple of God, and the altar . . . And they shall trample upon the holy city for forty-two months” (Revelation 11:1 – 2) This cannot be a coincidence. Oh, and there’s more. 42 is considered as a Messianic number: the second advent of the Christ, whose speaks the Revelation, would be prepared by 42 divisions of time, just as the first had been it by the 42 generations of believing of the elected people. The Odes of Solomon are 42. In the Talmud, it is written that the divine name of 42 letters is the greatest of the mysteries. According to the Mesopotamian tradition, the surface of the Tower of Babel occupies 42 agrarian measures. The Ancient Egyptians had divided their country into 42 parts.

Do you still think it’s a coincidence?

This was indeed a very strange event, most likely a psycho test?

Will we see more of these in the near future?

Time to speak people!

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