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These fires are caused by D.E.W (Direct Energy Weapons)

Climate changes? If that’s really happening, then please tell me why all the fires are on the West Coast? Hmmm, isn’t it a bit suspicious? None in Canada, none in Mexico…

I guess climate change knows borders. It’s funny how they think we are this stupid. It’s getting so bad here in California that most people feel like they just want to move out, but then again – nowhere is safe anymore. You cannot hide anywhere!

These fires are just the tip of the iceberg. Just imagine the possible 10.5 earthquakes that they had been predicting. Madness is happening worldwide, and God knows what’s coming next. Natural disasters, combined with their evil plans – I bet you that we have no bright future.

adfWhat can we do about it? Can we do at least something? Yes, we shall turn to God, always. We must all take refuge in the highest in these last days. We definitely do not want to feel his wrath either, but only desire to enjoy his presence and praise him for eternity. These floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, locust plagues, landslides, tornadoes, etc., are just going to increase, and everything on Earth will keep getting worse, as it has all been prophesied to happen. What did I forget? Oh yes, the plandemic!

You know, every day when I dream, I always wonder which one is the World we really belong to. Is this World a simulation? Is this my World or yours? Who put this here and is it just one entity or one big group?

I always felt like I do NOT belong to this World. Meaning, I feel like this human experience has been done before. That’s exactly why my deja vu is so vivid and prophetic. I see signs everyday with numbers. It’s like the Universe shows me signs when I go outside and I Pay attention to everything around me. I don’t like to be on my phone when outside because our skies are a mystery with stuff happening up there all the time. Things hide in clouds. Don’t be just another puppet and stop ignoring the real things that are surrounding us. Be silent. Turn off all the media. Try to listen to your heart and soul because there you will find all the strength you need.

And while the weather is being manipulated, I cannot stop questioning myself one thing – Is the Sky even real? What really goes on up there?

The lightning storms have been crazy in 2020. I mean, this entire year is completely crazy. Where are all the birds and bugs? It’s like half have disappeared off the face of this Earth. And while life is slowly dying and changing its forms, we cannot just watch it like that. We have to be the soldiers, right here, right now.

If you and I stay silent about this all, and if we continue walking these precious grounds while staring at our smartphones and listening to all those lies they put in front of us, this world will start disappearing, and the one that will come after it won’t be anything you like.

We still have some chances to win, and if you think you are weak, always remember – God is on our side.

asdsasdHave you realized that many bird species have disappeared?

How do you imagine our world to look like in the next 10 years?

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