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Want to look younger? This advice will help you achieve that!

Ever wondered how some people look a lot younger than they are? What’s their secret, besides genetics?
In this article, I would like to share some secrets and tips with you which can actually ”drop” that age number for a bit.
Let’s start, we have a lot of things to learn!

1. Proper makeup colors. This is definitely the first tip. If you are not wearing makeup, or if you are wearing too much of it, both can make you look older. So, some balance should be the best. The colors shouldn’t be mat nor shiny. A mascara, a bit of radiant foundation (like BB cream), and a lipstick in bright color (but not too bright) will make you look fresh and healthy. And forget about that grey eyeshadow, it makes you look tired, old, and sick.

2. Hairstyle. If you think that very long hair makes you look young, I’ll make you reassess your beliefs. The length of the hair shouldn’t be below your shoulders, but also skip short haircuts. When it comes to the color of your hair, take a look at the photo of yourself when you were 5 years old. Yes, that’s the shade that suits you perfectly!

sadfsdf3. Don’t try to look young! Or better said – don’t wear teenage clothes. It will just look silly and you will make the opposite effect than you wanted in the first place. Instead, the best would be to dress according to your body type. If you have stronger hips, choose A style skirts and drag the attention to the upper part of your body. And if you have an ”apple” body type, which means that the fat is stored in your arms and breasts, the best would be to choose skinny jeans and some casual, wider shirt. Don’t be afraid of colors., but never exaggerate with accessories. Remember that less is always more, or at least when it comes to jewelry and makeup.

4. Body posture. This is extremely important, although we all sometimes forget about it. Be sure that you walk, sit, and stand straight. Not only that your spine will thank you, but you will also look like you have more confidence. And we hope you’ll get it!

5. Beauty routines. Do you use some special creams for your face and body? What about anti-aging products? Actually, you don’t need to use expensive products of such type to look younger. Everything you need you to have in your fridge. The banana face mask is an amazing face lifter, and you only need 5 minutes for it, and one ingredient! And then the yogurt – if you start putting it on your face every day for 7 days, you will realize that your skin has become shinier. Also, the dark spots and rosacea will become less visible.

sdfd6. Your teeth. Well, this is very important. No, you don’t have to put on those Hollywood ”toilet white” fake teeth to look young, but you definitely have to take more care of your dental health. Keep in mind that losing only one tooth can make you look 5 to 10 years older. So, are you ready for the dentist’s appointment?

As you can see, these small changes actually bring huge results. Take care of yourself, wear what suits you, and never lose that young optimism and attitude!

Will you try them?
Which one do you like the most?

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