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Climate change causing mental problems within children and younger population

Suicide statistics are just raising, and especially within young people. Although everyone is talking about the low socioeconomic connection with suicide, things are not that simple.

Psychologists often blame modern society and social media platforms for depression and anxiety as well, and although that’s the truth and it affects young people more than we think, there is some ”hidden” reason for increased mental issues nowadays.

And yes, I am talking about climate changes… Cannot believe it’s connected to depression, anxiety, and suicide?

Let’s explain it… In the last three decades, the temperature has increased by approximately 2 degrees in just 10 years. That has, of course, brought us heat stress events of different sorts, such as tropical cyclones, flooding, and storms. If this trend continues, and it probably will, people will face many survival problems, like food and water issues, as well as new illnesses related to increased heat.

sdfwfOkay, how is that connected to children and the young population? It is, simply because it causes poverty and malnutrition in too many countries all around the globe.

In poverty, it is unlikely that children will be given proper medical care, both physical and mental. Besides all this being said, climate changes increase the risks of depression and anxiety in some other ways too.

Climate affects our mental health status more than we think, and it can be especially seen within the younger population. It directly affects the way we feel and think about the world that surrounds us and our own selves.

When it comes to children, their mood will be unstable and they won’t be easily concreated on things. Therefore, you know what happens next – low grades, fewer chances for success, not being able to cope with obligations, and so on.

All that is very important for children and young adults because they are the ones who are still trying to find their place in this world. That means everything to them. Self-esteem, acceptance, small successes, their future, etc, …

Everyone knows that even a small weather change can cause a lot of different reactions coming from our bodies, both physically and mentally. How do you feel when it is about to rain? Your old wounds and scars hurt, right? Well, for children it is the same, but for their minds.

Their brains become blurry and their mood goes down easily. They also become aggressive easier than usual.

So, although barely anyone is talking about the importance of climate change and its link to mental health, that’s actually a very serious thing that must be closely monitored.

In the upcoming years, and even decades, we can expect even more changes to hit our planet.

Still, no one is talking about mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and even suicide in proper amounts. Schools should definitely build their curriculums on this more. Parents should think about it, too.

If you just try to remember your upbringing, you’ll easily realize that your childhood problems weren’t the same as the ones children today face.

fzsdfcdAnd besides that, the Earth cannot protect them anymore. It is not a safe place to live in no more…


A huge change will have to happen if we want to see something positive in the near future.

Hopefully, younger adults will use all the modern technological achievements to connect with each other, talk about their problems, and even create a solution for them, globally.


Do you feel that the climate has rapidly changed?

How has it affected you?

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