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Alibaba has created the hotel of the future and it’s frightening and uncomfortable

New hotels are being built by each and every day, yet, the one I will talk about here isn’t just ”yet another” hotel or anything that can be related with term normal.

FlyZoo is a new hotel which is known as a ”must stay” place, according to Chinese people. It is located in Hangzhou, China, and has  290 rooms which are ”perfectly” equipped. So, what is so wrong with it? FlyZoo lets its guests experience the Mark of the Beast! Guests can also spend the night in the future for $205. People think how that is the low price, but you literally sell your privacy, and of course, your soul!

FlyZoo offers its guests to immerse themselves in the crossroads of technology and hospitality. Alibaba has a vast network of companies, but most known is definitely Fliggy. It is an online travel platform.

dfafsHow is it possible that these people can literally create such a hotel which serves in Satan’s name? The saddest part is definitely how people find it interesting! It seems like how our society has been completely brainwashed, don’t you think? Creating a hotel which offers you to experience the Mark of the Beast cannot be anything else than serving Satan!

So, how does it all goes with this hotel? How can someone go there? Of course, when it comes to evil things, they make it all easy, as they always do. It all starts with booking through a simple application. Guests are able to pick their location and a view through the app. It is done by exploring some sort of minimalistic room.

What about check-ins? It is definitely a scary part! Chinese guests even use the app which scans their faces! Expediting the process is the purpose of it… Privacy? Who was talking about privacy? No one, I guess?

Where do the guests pick their keys? From the lobby? No, they don’t even need to pick them! FlyZoo has an elevator which is also able to scan the faces of people and even take them to the correct floor!

Unfortunately, that is not all. The face of the guest opens the room’s door. If you are wondering who is even going there, remember how I already told you that people are doing evil easily like it’s nothing, but when it comes to good, it seems like how no one thinks about it at all!

And the hotel staff? It doesn’t exist. The guests meet Alibaba’s Alexa-like assistant named Ask Genie. That is one huge robot (a three-foot-tall)! It literally brings people whatever they want, from water, food, clean towels, alcohol or you name it…

Even all those ”special little wishes” can ”come true” with Ask Genie. If someone thinks how it is too hot in the room, the robot will make guests ”feel at home” by decreasing the temperature. Can you even imagine yourself talking to a robot? Couldn’t they hire someone who needs a job? There are so many people who don’t have jobs and cannot even earn money for food and living…

Of course, they just think about how they are cool with their high technological achievements, and they have created this hotel to be that way to attract people. People don’t even see how behind this all there is just pure evil!

adsafAre we closer to the Mark of the Beast with such inventions?

Do I even need to ask that question at all?

We can all see where this is going…

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